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Burger King Opens Meat-Free Popups in Three Nordic Cities

Burger King has opened three meat-free popup restaurants in the cities of Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. Customers in the Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish capitals can now choose from a range of offerings made using The Vegetarian Butcher’s plant-based meat — including meat-free versions of classic options such as the Whopper and Chicken Royale. Some sauces containing eggs and dairy are still available, but customers can ask for these to be omitted to make their orders fully vegan. “By opening a restaurant that only serves plant-based and meat-free alternatives, we get a good opportunity to test products that are not yet part of our traditional menu for our further product development and innovation within the plant-based segment,” said Carsten Lambrecht, country manager for Burger King Denmark. …


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Vegan Chef Gaz Oakley Opens Travelling Pop-Up Restaurant

Vegan chef Gaz Oakley, best known for his YouTube channel Avant Garde Vegan, has announced he will be opening a travelling pop-up restaurant called Nana O’s. Named after his grandmother, the restaurant will begin in Oakley’s hometown of Cardiff and will be focused on comfort food. The chef announced in 2016 that he would open a restaurant once he reached a million YouTube subscribers, a milestone that he achieved during the pandemic. Due to the recent challenges faced by the hospitality sector, along with his desire to have a kitchen garden on the premises of his restaurant, Oakley says a permanent site is not currently feasible. Instead, he has chosen a popup concept — and hundreds of bookings have already been made since it was …


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Matthew Kenney’s MKTK: a “3-Concept Series” of Pop-Up Vegan Restaurants in LA

Award-winning plant-based chef Matthew Kenney has announced that he will test a range of globally inspired plant-based restaurant concepts in Los Angeles under his Matthew Kenney Cuisine (MKC) brand. The popup restaurants are branded MKTK Previews and are described as a “limited-time series of three never-before-seen menu concepts”.