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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Lypid Exhibits Flagship B2B Pork Belly Products at Plant Based World Expo

Plant-based fat startup Lypid introduces two B2B pork belly products to the US foodservice market: Lypid Smoked Pork Belly and Lypid Braised Pork Belly. These offerings, incorporating Lypid’s proprietary PhytoFat™, were presented at the Plant Based World Expo 2023 in New York City, where Lypid secured first place in “The Plant Base’s Taste Challenge” within the meat category. In April, San Francisco Bay Area chefs tested a version of Lypid’s pork belly alternative, and it also debuted at Baganhood, a diner based in Taipei. Following these trials, co-founders Dr. Jen-Yu Huang and Dr. Michelle Lee officially unveiled Lypid’s PhytoFat™, a plant-based alternative to animal fat made using microencapsulation technology, to US foodservice providers in May.  Lypid showcased its new offerings in two distinct dishes at …


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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Lypid Launches “World’s First” Plant-Based Pork Belly, Made With Patented Fat Technology

Lypid, an alt fat startup based in Taiwan and the US, has launched what it claims to be the world’s first plant-based pork belly. The meat alternative is made with PhytoFat, Lypid’s patented technology that creates animal-like fats using plant oils. The fat is combined with fibrous plant-based protein to achieve the same taste and texture as conventional pork belly. The product is said to cook just like pork, and was recently served at the Future Food-Tech Summit in San Francisco. It is now being tested by chefs in the Bay Area, and has also debuted in Taiwan at Taipei-based vegan diner Baganhood. Lypid said it chose to develop a pork alternative because pork is one of the most popular types of meat worldwide, with …


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NYC Favorite Lily’s Vegan Pantry: Selling Plant-Based Meats Before They Were Cool

In the heart of Manhattan’s Chinatown lies one of the earliest, lesser-known champions of today’s alternative protein movement. Lily’s Vegan Pantry, formerly known as May Wah Vegetarian Market, has been supplying NYC patrons with a dazzling assortment of exotic animal-free meats since 1995. Today, the landmark store is one of New York State’s largest distributors of vegetarian foods, and recently added plant-based pork leader OmniFoods to its lineup.  Originally founded by Lee Mee Ng, who sought to bring the vegetarian meats she enjoyed in Taiwan to the US,  the market has since transferred ownership to Lee’s daughter Lily and converted to a fully-vegan establishment.  Surprising selection Located on Hester Street, Lily’s sells a vast assortment of unique plant-based meats including the popular black pepper steak,  …


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Cultivated Meat

Joes Future Food Reveals Cultivated Pork Belly & Pigskin Noodles

Chinese startup Joes Future Food has showcased what it claims is the country’s first ever cultivated pork belly at the New Technology Conference in Nanjing. Conference guests were served various dishes containing Joes’ pork belly and pigskin noodles, with feedback said to be very positive. Other cellular agriculture innovations, such as cultivated fat and serum-free growth media, were also revealed at the event. China’s attitude to cultivated meat Perceptions of cultivated meat are increasingly positive in China, with research suggesting that 90% of consumers are open to eating it. At the beginning of the year, the country’s five-year agricultural plan made reference to cultivated meat for the first time ever, saying that innovation should be boosted in the sector. This could potentially indicate that the …


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Clarification for Earlier Article on Cultivated Bacon and More on Cultivated Meat Market

In an earlier article about Higher Steaks, a leading UK food tech company, we said the company had revealed “the world’s first cultivated bacon and pork belly”. We have since been contacted by Mission Barns, another food technology company, kindly letting us know that it had unveiled its cultivated bacon earlier this year.


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Higher Steaks Develops World’s First Cultivated Bacon and Pork Belly Products

Higher Steaks, a leading food technology company in the UK, yesterday revealed the world’s first cultivated bacon and pork belly, establishing the Bristol-based company as the market leader in the cultivated pork sector. We spoke with founder Benjamina Bollag and Head of R&D Dr. Ruth Helen Faram about pioneering this breakthrough.