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Jampa’s: All-Natural Vegan Pork Pies Developed by “Ex-Carnivore” Chef

UK brand Jampa’s has launched all-natural, artisan vegan pork pies that it describes as “game-changing”. The pies were developed by Richard Fox — an “ex-carnivore” vegan chef and award-winning cookbook author — in his kitchen during lockdown. Two years of consumer taste testing saw an extremely positive response from meat-eaters, flexitarians, and vegans alike, with the product often said to be “like a pork pie, but better”. According to Fox, the pies generate around 70% fewer carbon emissions than conventional pork pies, and are free of artificial ingredients such as methylcellulose. “I wanted Porky Pies to retain their artisan status and as a chef, I flatly refused to create anything that wasn’t entirely natural or that would require ultra–processing. After careful development, I’m proud to …