Clever Carnivore has raised $7 million in seed round funding to expand and scale its operations.

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Investments & Acquisitions

Clever Carnivore Secures $7M to Expand its “Astoundingly” Low-Cost Cultivated Pork Production

Chicago’s first cultivated meat company, Clever Carnivore, has raised $7 million in seed round funding to expand and scale its operations. The company has developed a platform to cultivate pork at low costs. Led by former Tyson Foods executive Russell Thomas, VP of product development, Clever Carnivore has created a prototype, the Clever Bratwurst, that it plans to unveil in early 2024. The biotech’s expansion plans include relocating its inaugural lab operations in Lincoln Park to a larger nearby facility with a 500 L bioreactor capacity and space for a test kitchen. “We’ve been tracking and investing across the global cultivated meat sector since the first such company launched eight years ago, and we haven’t seen anyone come remotely close to Clever Carnivore’s astoundingly low current …


Meatable's CEO Krijn de Nood cutting the ribbon of the company's new pilot facility

Krijn de Nood, CEO of Meatable cutting the ribbon - Image courtesy of Meatable

Cultivated Meat

Netherlands: Meatable Opens Larger Pilot Facility Ahead of 2024 Cultivated Pork Launch

Dutch biotech company Meatable yesterday inaugurated a new pilot facility at the Bio Science Park in Leiden, the Netherlands, to expand the production capacity of its cultivated pork platform. The new pilot facility follows a successful $35 million Series B round this summer, which brought the company’s raised capital for cultivated pork to $95 million. According to Meatable, the new 3300m2 facility is twice the size of its previous office and lab space. It has a bioreactor capacity of 200 L (500 L in the future), allowing the company to expand its production from the previous 50 L. The company states that this expansion is an important milestone in producing and testing larger quantities of cultivated pork products as it prepares for a commercial launch in …


Meatable's co-founders

Meatable's co-founders Daan Luining (R) and Krijn de Noo - Image courtesy of Meatable

Investments & Finance

Meatable Raises $35M for Cultivated Pork, Bringing Total Raised to $95M

Dutch cultivated meat company Meatable announces it has raised $35 million in a new funding round to accelerate the launch of its pork products, sausages, and dumplings, poised for launch in Singapore in next year. This new funding will also help the company optimize its production process to become cost-competitive and scale to commercial volumes successfully. Meatable claims it can grow cultivated pork sausage in only eight days — 30 times faster than rearing a pig for pork. This world’s breakthrough and its efforts to receive regulatory approval in Singapore have put the company in the spotlight. Led by Agronomics, the round saw a new investor, the Dutch fund Invest NL, which backed Meatable with $17 million. Previous investors, including BlueYard, Bridford, MilkyWay, DSM Venturing, …


Merry unveils the "first-ever" pork and micro algae cells burger

Image courtesy of Mewery

Cultivated Meat

Mewery Unveils “First-Ever” Cultivated Pork & Microalgae Burger

Today Czech food tech Mewery announces what it claims is the “first-ever” cultivated burger made with pork and microalgae cells. The food tech startup is developing slaughter-free meat products before seeking approvals in international markets. “Our burger tastes delicious and easily surpasses the taste of traditional plant-based burgers,” said Roman Lauš, founder of Mewery. According to Mewery, the cultivated burger prototype debuted at a cultural event in Czechia, where attendees (90%) expressed interest in trying the burger. Unfortunately, public tastings are not currently allowed in the EU. “We are working with the Czech government on the so-called “non-employee” tastings, which could be possible as early as next year,” Lauš said.   Fortified pork for the US and Singapore Mewery said that European Union novel regulation approvals would likely take …


Dr Arne Ewerbeck, The Raging Pig Co

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The Raging Pig Co: “On a Mission to Remove 1.5 Billion Pigs From Our Global Food System”

When it comes to bold, eye-catching branding, Hamburg-based Raging Pig Co is right there in your face. Along with its cocky tagline, “The pig-less bacon that even your dad will love,” Raging Pig is impossible to ignore. And who can resist the idea of “mouthwatering pigless bacon”? On a mission to eliminate pigs from the food system, Raging Pig was co-founded by Constantin Klass and Dr. Arne Ewerbeck, who set out in 2021 on “an exciting journey to merge the power of bacon, foodtech, and pop culture to drive the positive change our world needed yesterday”. We spoke with Dr Arne who told us about the importance of branding and messaging, two recent NPDs, and some “secret” products set to follow. Also, the world’s largest …


Uncommon raises $30M for its cultivated pork

Image courtesy of Uncommon

Investments & Finance

UK Cultivated Meat Company Uncommon, Previously Higher Steaks, Raises $30M in Series A

Cultivated meat company Uncommon, formerly known as Higher Steaks, announces it has secured $30 million in Series A, led by Balderton Capital and Lowercarbon Capital.  Founded in Cambridge by Benjamina Bollag and Dr. Ruth Faram, Uncommon leverages cell ag and RNA technologies to cultivate meat for the global pork market. To date, the company has raised a total of $35 million to achieve its mission of replacing animals in meat production for the health of humanity.   The fresh capital will further develop the company’s groundbreaking approach and scale production at its pilot manufacturing facility (located in Cambridge Technopark). It will also help to hire talent and begin the necessary regulatory approvals. Redalpine, East Alpha, and previous investors Max and Sam Altman, Miray Zaki and …


3DBT's co-founders tasting successful developed 100% meat cultivated pork fillet

Image courtesy of 3D Bio-Tissues

Company News

3DBT Makes Progress Growing 100% Meat Cultivated Pork Fillet & New Strips with Animal-Free Medium

Biotech investor BSF Enterprise has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT), a biotech company focused on developing bio-equivalent tissues cell ag and for clinical use, has been progressing positively in developing its cultivated meat products. 3DBT is producing and will display its 100% meat cultivated pork fillet and other new 100% meat strips of cultivated pork before the end of Q3, said BSF on social media. At the end of March, BSF raised £2.9 million to provide working capital for its subsidiary to accelerate its progress and increase its capacity to produce cultivated meat and leather using its animal-free media platform, City-Mix. It creates structured, functional, and scalable tissues without scaffolding as structural support for cell attachment. In November, the UK-based biotech company announced the successful development of cultivated meat …


3DBT cultivated meat steak

Image courtesy of 3D Bio-Tissues

Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

3DBT Receives £2.9M in Capital To Expedite Production of Cultivated Meat and Leather

London’s BSF Enterprise, a biotech company focused on lab-grown meat that wholly owns clinical and cellular agriculture company 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT), has raised £2.9 million via an oversubscribed placing at 17p/share, reports Vox Markets.  BSF will use the new investment to provide working capital for 3DBT to accelerate its progress and increase its capacity to produce cultivated meat and leather using its serum-free media platform, City-Mix. Serum-free media, City-Mix  Following its acquisition by BSF in May 2022, 3DBT said it was working to produce the UK’s first cultivated meat cut. Five months later, the biotech announced the successful development of three small cultivated meat prototypes using its tissue templating platform, City-Mix, which does not use scaffolding as structural support for cell attachment. In February, 3DBT announced it had …


Alternative sausages

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

In Turn of Events, New Age Eats ‘Walking Away’ From 90% Completed Bay Area Pilot Plant

Cultivated meat startup New Age Eats, formerly New Age Meats, says it is walking away from a nearly-completed food pilot manufacturing facility in Alameda, CA. According to founder and CEO Brian Spears, changed circumstances have forced the startup to let go of the plant, whose construction is 90% completed. New Age and its real estate partners are currently marketing the space. In a post shared on LinkedIn, Spears states the pilot facility is located in The Research Park at Marina Village, a growing innovation hub in the San Francisco Bay Area. The facility offers a total of 23,000 sq ft, with 13,000 sq ft of downstream manufacturing space and 10,000 sq ft of office space, including three food R&D labs. According to Spears, the facility …


Tender Pulled Pork Sandwich


Food & Beverage

Meet Tender: A Startup Using Cotton Candy-Like Technology For “Superior” Plant-Based Pork

Tender, a plant-based meat startup in Boston, is using old-school technology to create ultra-realistic alternatives to pork and other structured cuts of meat.  Utilizing processes similar to those found in cotton candy machines, the company spins plant proteins into fibers to create products it says are “just better” in taste and texture than most plant-based offerings on the market.  “Our goal is to create superior quality in alternative meats”, Tender co-founder and CEO Christopher Chantre told the Boston Globe. “That’s really what we’re going after – is that next-level quality of texture.” First developed in a Harvard laboratory, Tender officially launched in 2020 in Greentown Labs in Somerville, MA. The company was initially founded as a graduate project by Chantre, who reportedly spent nine years …


meatable's cultivated pork sausages

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Cultivated Meat

World’s First Hybrid Cultivated Meat Innovation Center Coming in 2023

Dutch cultivated meat company Meatable announces a partnership with Singaporean plant-based butcher Love Handle to build the world’s first hybrid cultivated meat innovation center in Singapore. The two companies will jointly invest around $6 million to inaugurate the center in 2023 and will collaborate to develop hybrid meat products for the Singaporean and global markets. The Future of Meat innovation center will unite the two alternative protein sectors to satisfy the world’s growing demand for meat without harming the planet. It will also serve as a testing ground for other food tech startups looking to create new products. Krijn de Nood, Meatable‘s co-founder and CEO, said: “We’re delighted to announce this partnership with Love Handle to build the world’s first innovation center for hybrid cultivated meat products. Ken …


Thrilling Bakon

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Company News

Thrilling Foods’ Bakon Receives US Patent for ‘World’s First’ Fat Streaked Plant-Based Bacon

Portland, Oregon food company Thrilling Foods announces it has received a US patent for its novel fatty and lean protein-streaked vegan bacon, known as Bakon. The innovation covers a breakthrough protein structure that releases fat during the cooking process, in much the same way as conventional bacon. The company is also planning to open a third production facility to keep up with soaring demand.  The US patent covers Thrilling’s techniques that harness the genuine flavor and texture of pork bacon, specifically its proprietary use of “protein-bound fat layers” that alternate with ultra-lean meaty layers, and the company’s use of the natural umami flavors found in certain proteins.  These special processes allow the product to render and fry in its own fat, just like traditional pork …


Supermeat Cultivated Chicken Sandwich

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SuperMeat Survey Reveals Nearly 90% of US Chefs Would Serve Cultivated Meat

A new survey conducted by food tech company SuperMeat discovered that 86% of American chefs are interested in serving cultivated meats, poultry or seafood to customers.  Conducted with market research consultancy Censuswide, the survey polled opinions from 251 US chefs and food professionals. The results found:  86% of chefs are interested in serving cultivated meat or poultry, with 22% of those saying they are “very interested” 84% would consider replacing conventional meat with cultivated meat on their menus if pricing were similar 77% would be willing to pay a premium for cultivated meats, with two-thirds willing to pay 11-15% more Those surveyed indicated food safety, concerns for the environment and customer demand were top motivators for adding cultivated meat to their menus.  Chicken is top …


Omni Asian Vegan Food


Products & Launches

OMNI Launching Plant-Based Luncheon, Crab Cakes and More at 1,000+ US Walmart Stores

Asian food startup OMNI announces that four of its plant-based products will soon launch at a third of US Walmart stores and online. The OMNI Potsticker and Luncheon will be available at 1,900 Walmart locations, while 1,300 stores will soon stock OMNI’s Spring Roll and Crab-Style Cakes. Made with nutritious and sustainable ingredients, OMNI’s line features its signature non-GMO protein and includes:  OMNI Luncheon A popular, first-of-its-kind alternative to canned pork, which can be enjoyed with ramen, musubi, bagels or sandwiches. Compared to conventional luncheon meat, OMNI Luncheon has less fat, sodium and cholesterol while being free from preservatives and nitrates.  Crab-Style Cake  The Crab-Style Cake is crafted from a proprietary blend of non-GMO soy and rice protein, with a sweet and savory flavor that …


Cultivated pork meat sausages

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Mewery Proves Feasability of Microalgae-Based Cultivated Pork Without FBS

Czech cultivated pork meat startup Mewery claims it has proven that the company’s proprietary microalgae-based growth medium for cultivating mammalian cells without using fetal bovine serum (FBS) is feasible.  Developing cultivated pork meat using microalgae growth factors instead of fetal bovine serum has been Mewery’s strategy for the production of ethical and more economical cultivated meat. Mewery says it is the first European startup to use this method. Roman Lauš, Mewery’s founder and CEO, comments: “Our microalgae-based cultivation medium is FBS-free. This was the main goal we set at the very beginning, a cultivation medium without animal products. It means meat without animal death.”  He continues, “We were able to validate our method in different environments, and we obtained a so-called ‘proof of concept’ of …



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Cultivated Meat

Scotland’s Roslin Technologies Reveals Breakthrough Tech, Plans Cultivated Haggis

Roslin Technologies has made a breakthrough in scaling up the production of cultivated pork. Roslin’s CEO has also announced a personal ambition to develop cultivated haggis by Burns Night next year. In collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre, Roslin has found a new method that removes variations between batches when generating cells. The method, which could be used on an industrial scale, should reduce the cost of cell culture media by 61%, according to Insider. Pluripotent stem cells Roslin produces pluripotent stem cells, which can be used to grow various different types of animal tissue. The company is currently the only commercial provider of these cells, supplying them to cultivated meat producers worldwide. Cultivated pork is not Roslin’s only …


Kenchan Vegan Pork Spicy Ramen

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Gastronomy & Food Service

OMNIFoods and Kenchan Ramen Launch DIY Ramen Kits Featuring OMNI Ground Pork

Alt-protein brand OMNIFoods announces it is partnering with LA’s Kenchan Ramen to offer at-home, DIY vegan ramen kits to consumers in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah.  Made to provide an authentic, at-home ramen experience, Kenchan Ramen’s plant-based options are now available for purchase online and include three varieties:  White Truffle Mushroom – Creamy veggie broth adn white truffle w/ spinach noodles, edamame and sauteed mushrooms, drizzled with truffle oil. Ginger Garlic Shio – An umami-filled ginger & garlic soup base with fresh noodles, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, lotus root, and onion ginger oil.  Spicy Sesame – A spicy ramen with stir-fried OmniGround pork protein, fresh noodles, edamame, chili threads and sesame seeds.  According to OMNIFoods, its plant-based OMNIPork is an all-purpose pork alternative with a …


Plant-based sausage

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Products & Launches

Redefine Meat to Present New Plant-Based Bratwurst at Oktoberfest 2022

Israel’s Redefine Meat, known for its 3D-printed plant-based whole cuts, is presenting its new Redefine New-Meat™ Bratwurst at Oktoberfest 2022.  The news comes shortly after the company announced its expansion into the European pork market for the first time, following its success with its New-Meat™ beef and lamb portfolio. Significant shift Oktoberfest’s 187th edition is taking place in Munich from September 17th to October 3rd, and as we reported last week, will be offering a number of plant-based dishes in a significant shift for the traditionally meat-heavy event. The new plant-based sausage, made with Redefine’s New-Meat™ pork, is debuting at a traditional Munich Beer House called Tegernseer Tal. Julian Kinner, restaurant manager at Tegernseer Tal, says: “We’ve been selling Redefine burger products for several months …


Quorn truck Downing Street

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Politics & Law

Quorn Truck Says “No More Porkies” As Boris Johnson Leaves Office

Quorn has sent a food truck to Downing Street emblazoned with “No More Porkies” (porkies, or pork pies, referring to the rhyming slang for lies) as Boris Johnson gets ready to leave office after a leadership term famous for his repeated lies to the British people. Just hours before Johnson leaves office, the stunt saw Quorn’s truck serving up free pork-free ham sandwiches featuring its new Deli range to the public in order to celebrate the end of the PM’s “porkies”. The pork-free sandwich truck toured Whitehall, Downing Street, Parliament Square and Westminster Bridge with the stunt organised by PR firm Taylor Herring. Quorn’s new Deli range consisting of Yorkshire Ham, Roast Chicken, Roast Beef and Finely Sliced Ham will be available in the chilled aisles …


Clever Carnivore

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Company News

Chicago’s Clever Carnivore Raises $2.1M, Says $1 Cultivated Meat Burger is Possibility

Cultivated meat startup Clever Carnivore announces it is opening a new headquarters and lab in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. The company also reveals it has raised $2.1M to date in pre-seed funding, reports Built in Chicago. According to a statement, the new headquarters will consist of 4,179 sq. ft. located in “Chicago’s academic epicenter”, where the startup will develop high-quality cultured beef, pork and chicken. Clever Carnivore’s CEO says it has already begun producing cell-based meat, but it will be some time before the products are ready for commercial scale. “The new space essentially gives us the space to not only grow the company, but the meat itself,” CEO Virginia Rangos, Ph.D, told the Chicago Business Journal. “We think we will have product prototype ready …