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Alt Meats Approach Price Parity in France as Beyond Meat Becomes 40% Cheaper

New figures from France suggest that plant-based meats are close to price parity with conventional meat, as high inflation amongst other factors continues to affect the price of animal products. According to market analyst Xerfi, meat alternatives have been less affected by rising costs, due to increased economies of scale and the compression of margins. In fact, the prices of some plant-based meats have actually fallen, despite inflation, mirroring a GFI report from April in which data from 13 countries demonstrated that the prices of these foods have been less affected by inflation than conventional animal products. For example, Beyond Meat’s burgers dropped from €27 to €16.34 per kilogram between 2020 and 2023 — a 40% reduction that brings them close to price parity. Meanwhile, …


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59% of UK Consumers Want the Government to Subsidise Alt Protein Products

A survey by ProVeg International has investigated the factors that could convince British meat eaters to switch to alt protein products. The survey found that 70% of respondents believe that plant-based foods are more expensive, though we recently discussed how plant-based products are heading towards price parity, for example in the Netherlands plant-based meat is already cheaper than animal products in many cases. Furthermore, 59% said they would like meat and dairy alternatives to be subsidised by the government to make them more affordable. Subsidise plants, not animal meat If plant-based products were subsidised by the government in the way that the meat industry receives subsidies, the impact would be phenomenal. Survey participants said they would be much more likely to buy vegan products if …