Genv million dollar campaign Rishi Sunak 2023

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Gen V: “Our World Leaders Need to Be Held Accountable for Fulfilling Their Promises”

Today, campaigners from international NGO Generation Vegan (GenV) are carrying out a publicity stunt in London, driving tractors around Parliament Square and past Downing Street in an effort to persuade Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to go vegan for one month for a £1 million charity donation. Attached to the tractors are giant inflatables of a globe, a million-pound coin, a cow, and the Prime Minister himself. Over the weekend, a 25-feet high mural was painted in Shoreditch (pictured below), by the campaign organisers who will also drop a banner in a prominent location as well as march in a carnival-style procession to Downing Street, distributing hundreds of free vegan meals made by VFC. As yet, the Prime Minister has failed to respond. We spoke with …


Go Vegan RIshi Sunak campaign

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Charity & Campaigns

GenV and Animal Rebellion Plan Huge PR Stunt With March to Parliament & Downing Street

As part of its campaign offering UK prime minister Rishi Sunak £1 million to go vegan for a month, charity GenV is set to conduct a major media stunt in central London next week. When politicians return to Parliament on January 9, they will be greeted by five large tractors driving in loops past 10 Downing Street and through Westminster. Above the tractors, there will be inflatables shaped like a burning planet Earth, a cow, a £1M symbol, Rishi Sunak, and the GenV logo. March to Downing Street with vegan food There will also be a banner on Parliament Bridge with the message “GO VEGAN RISHI SUNAK”. The banner will be visible from all south-facing windows in Parliament. Next, over 50 volunteers from GenV and …



Sustainability / Environment

New PM Liz Truss Urged to Prioritise Meat Reduction to “Avoid the Prospect of Eco-System Collapse”

The Plant-Based Food Alliance UK (PBFA) has implored Liz Truss, the new UK Prime Minister, to update the government’s food strategy to address the current global climate and food crises.  According to the Alliance, the food strategy’s white paper that was made public last June was a missed opportunity that did not even consider the government’s own climate advisors’ recommendations on the inclusion of meat reduction targets of 30% by 2030. The organisation urges the government to rewrite its food strategy and include time-bound targets for reducing meat and dairy consumption to make it fit in a century in which climate resilience and food security must become a priority. “Setting targets for meat reduction is no longer a radical measure. Institutions from the UN to …


Quorn truck Downing Street

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Politics & Law

Quorn Truck Says “No More Porkies” As Boris Johnson Leaves Office

Quorn has sent a food truck to Downing Street emblazoned with “No More Porkies” (porkies, or pork pies, referring to the rhyming slang for lies) as Boris Johnson gets ready to leave office after a leadership term famous for his repeated lies to the British people. Just hours before Johnson leaves office, the stunt saw Quorn’s truck serving up free pork-free ham sandwiches featuring its new Deli range to the public in order to celebrate the end of the PM’s “porkies”. The pork-free sandwich truck toured Whitehall, Downing Street, Parliament Square and Westminster Bridge with the stunt organised by PR firm Taylor Herring. Quorn’s new Deli range consisting of Yorkshire Ham, Roast Chicken, Roast Beef and Finely Sliced Ham will be available in the chilled aisles …


Boris jJohnson / VBites visit Heather Mills Instagram

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“The Last Visitor I Expected to Visit My Factory Was Boris Johnson” – UK PM Visits Heather Mills’ VBites Plant 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has paid a visit to the VBites factory in North East England, one of Europe’s largest plant-based factories. The politician met with founder and owner Heather Mills at the facility, much to the surprise of the vegan entrepreneur and activist.


The Prime Minister Boris Johnson Portrait

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Vegan Doctors Ask Boris Johnson to Set an Example and Go Plant-Based

A group of healthcare professionals in the UK called Plant Based Health Online is petitioning for Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his family to go vegan, saying that it would encourage the public to try a healthier lifestyle which is proven to minimise the risk of certain diseases and the impact of underlying illnesses on Covid-19, as well as being the only sustainable option for climate and the planet. 


Israel’s Prime Minister Tastes Aleph Farms Cultivated Steak (photographer Koby Gidon, Government Press Office (GPO))


Benjamin Netanyahu is First Head of State to Taste Cultivated Meat

Last year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed animal liberation and vegan activist Tal Gilboa to advise him on animal rights. In what could be perceived as a step towards an interest to move meat away from animal ag on the advice of Gilboa, he this week took part in a publicised trip to sample Aleph Farms’ cultured meat.