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The Great American Plant Co: A Private Label Helping Retailers and Restaurants to Offer Lower Cost Plant-Based Products

As higher prices for plant-based proteins continue to challenge sales, one company is launching to help retailers and restaurants offer more affordable plant-based meats under their own brands. The Great American Plant Co. (GAPC) is a private-label manufacturer offering a line of plant-based foods, including burgers, meatballs and sausages, to retailers and food service operators.  What sets GAPC apart, the company states, is its focus on clean-label ingredients and lower prices; compared to major competitors, GAPC’s products wholesale for 10-20% less than other leading brands. In addition, GAPC’s proteins are wholly sourced and manufactured in North America, creating what it calls a ‘significantly smaller’ environmental footprint than its competitors.  “Great products that delight consumers” Founded in Dallas in 2020, GAPC offers a line of pea …


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Allen Zelden: My 4 Trend Predictions for 2023

APAC expert Allen Zelden, co-founder of FUTUREVVORLD and PlantForm Partners, shares his predictions for 2023, spanning alt seafood; ESG; the Australian market; and private labels. They say adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it. That was certainly the case for the plant-based foods industry in 2022. In the face of stagnant sales growth, rising costs and diminished investment appetite, this last year revealed a strong sense of community, an epicentre for collaboration, and an unrelenting message of urgency and purpose. Whilst there is clearly competition amongst the increasing number of plant-based food businesses and service providers, we are all ultimately driven by a mission beyond just turning a profit. Whether that mission is health, animal welfare or the environment, 2022 revealed that our industry truly has a …


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Vegan Cosmetics from Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay operates an online portal for cosmetic products, and recently launched its first private label – a cosmetics line that is both vegan and cruelty-free. The new beauty line includes three eye shadow palettes: Origin, Evolve and Identity. Beauty Bay is an online retailer selling products for skincare, bath and body, and hair care, along with makeup, gifts and other accessories. It serves customers worldwide. Recently, it launched its first own brand Colour Theory. The new cosmetics line consists of three eye shadow palettes with 42 colours each. The colour palettes are all vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, and come with step-by-step instructions. Colour Theory was developed by the in-house Beauty Bays team and, according to a press release, was inspired by its customers. The company …