Former Dairy Industry Duo Launch New Brand Yoi Inspired by Japanese Fermentaton

Yoi, a new plant-based food and beverage company, has launched in Bay Area independent grocers this month with a range of probiotic nut and seed milks. Co-founders Ellie Wells and Tosh Nakagawa were inspired by the ancient art of Japanese fermentation and previously worked together in the dairy industry for over a decade. Yoi’s flavored beverages are created from simple organic ingredients including almonds, coconut, and pumpkin seeds. “We’re thrilled with the beverage that we created,” said Ellie Wells “It was a non-negotiable for us that Yoi be organic and with a great nutritional profile — a high count of probiotics plus prebiotic fiber and plant protein, without added sugar — while also tasting good. So we went through quite a few different ideas and …


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Canada’s Plant Veda Creates “Revolutionary” Vegan Products Like This Creamy Priobiotic Lassi

Canada’s Plant Veda says is creating products that are one of a kind and first-to-market. With its unique products such as vegan probiotic lassi, cashew creamer and cashew beverage blended with saffron and cardamon, Plant Veda focuses on creating alternatives even better than the original in taste and health benefits. “What we decided to do is create a revolutionary product that’s a healthy blend of multiple ingredients” Plant Veda has formulated its dairy-free cashew milks to include unique ingredients such as pistachio and saffron. The line of products, from the lassi range to creamers, were created in order to stand out in an increasingly crowded space as well as offer new varieties to consumers in Canada. In 2019 the brand received VegExpo’s Product of the …