Singaporean precision fermentation company TurtleTree announces a new commercial partnership for its flagship whey protein lactoferrin, LF+, with Strive, a F&B company specializin in bringing novel protein products to market.

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TurtleTree & Strive to Launch Health-Focused Beverages Powered by Animal-Free Lactoferrin

Singaporean precision fermentation company TurtleTree announces a new commercial partnership with Strive Nutrition, an F&B company bringing novel proteins to market, for LF+, claimed to be the world’s first GRAS and vegan-certified animal-free lactoferrin. The companies will introduce two health-focused products in the USA by 2025: an immunity support beverage for adults and a ready-to-mix protein powder targeted for sports nutrition. According to the announcement, the collaboration aims to capitalize on the growing functional beverage market, where 83% of US consumers currently drink functional beverages as part of their self-care routine. The news follows TurtleTree’s first-ever commercial partnership to launch a functional espresso featuring LF+ with Cadence Performance Coffee. Fengru Lin, TurtleTree’s CEO, expressed her excitement about the partnership: “We are looking forward to supporting Strive …


The EVERY Co. has partnered with Canada’s Landish Foods, to launch FERMY, a new line of ready-to-mix protein powders featuring its precision fermentation-derived egg white protein.

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The EVERY Co. and Landish Unveil FERMY Functional Coffee & Latte Mixes with Fermented Egg Proteins

US biotech The EVERY Co. announces it has partnered with Canada’s Landish Foods, a nutritional wellness products leader in North America, to launch FERMY, a new line of ready-to-mix protein powders for beverages featuring its precision fermentation-derived egg white protein. The new products under the new brand FERMY — Protein Coffee Enhancer and Protein Matcha Latte — offer 8 grams of digestible egg protein, as well as other brain-boosting ingredients such as MCT oil and lion’s mane mushroom. The products cater to consumers looking to maintain health-focused lifestyles with products that integrate seamlessly into their morning routines without sacrificing taste or convenience. Daniel Novak, CEO of Landish Foods, comments, “So many of us with rushed mornings are not getting enough protein to start the day, …


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Mexican Plant Protein Company Birdman Surpasses $65M in Sales

Lever VC, a venture capital firm focused on the future of protein, has increased its equity stake in Birdman, a leading plant-based protein company in Mexico set to expand into the US, as the company experiences a significant surge in sales. This investment comes as Birdman demonstrates impressive sales performance, achieving a $65 million sales run rate amidst a challenging economic landscape. Founded in 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico, Birdman rapidly bootstrapped to $15 million in sales by 2021, prior to attracting its first external funding. The company’s plant-based protein powders and supplements have gained popularity across Mexico, surpassing industry averages in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector, with EBITDA margins exceeding 35%. According to Nick Cooney, managing partner at Lever VC, which expanded its equity …


New research by MycoTechnology shows that many mainstream consumers purchase plant-based protein powders.

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MycoTechnology Research: Widespread Adoption of Plant-Based Protein Powder Among Non-Vegan Consumers

New research commissioned by MycoTechnology, a company specializing in mycelial fermentation to make protein powders, shows that a significant number of mainstream consumers, not only vegans and athletes, purchase plant-based protein powder.  According to the research conducted by Brightfield Group in Q1 2023, out of 725 users of plant protein powder, only 17% identified as vegans. Meanwhile, the survey found that 46% of participants identified as athletes, although 77% claimed to engage in physical activity at least three times per week.  With about a third of the plant-based protein powder consumers identifying as ‘early adopters’ and ‘early majority’ shoppers, the data suggests that using plant protein powder is becoming popular among the general population rather than just a niche market, says the company. Jonas Feliciano, Marketing Director at …


James Wilks launches FȲTA protein powder made with upcycled barley


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Game Changers Star James Wilks Launches Protein Powder Made With Upcycled Barley

James Wilks, a former UFC fighter who produced and starred in the critically acclaimed documentary The Game Changers, has founded a new sports nutrition brand called FȲTA. The first products to launch are protein powders containing EverPro, a plant-based protein made from upcycled American barley. The ingredient is produced by EverGrain, a company that uses proprietary technologies to turn spent brewer’s grain into high-quality ingredients. During beer brewing, the carbohydrates in grains are separated from the protein and fiber. While the carbohydrates are used to initiate the fermentation process, the other components are normally sent to landfill or used as livestock feed. However, EverGrain has developed a method to upcycle them. According to FȲTA, the resulting protein is the most soluble and digestible in the …


Green Boy Chicago

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Green Boy Group Opens New Chicago Office Led by Ingredients Veteran Thomas Smit

Plant-based protein supplier Green Boy Group announces it has opened a new office in Chicago, led by the newly appointed Thomas Smit.  According to Green Boy, Smit’s career began at agribusiness company Nidera (now Syngenta) in Amsterdam, where he focused on supplying plant-based food ingredients globally. In 2016, Smit joined Royal Ingredients in Chicago as that company’s Managing Director, which has since been acquired by BayWa thanks to strong US sales growth.  “I am grateful for my time at Royal where I gained a lot of experience on how to start, run and expand an office in a market that is constantly evolving,” says Thomas Smit. “But when Green Boy approached me to head their new office in Chicago, I was getting very excited. Green …


Green Boy New Managing Director

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Green Boy Group Hires Former Interfood CEO Jeroen van den Heuvel as Managing Director

Plant-based protein supplier Green Boy Group announces it has hired Jeroen van den Heuvel, former CEO of global dairy supplier Interfood, as its new managing director.  In addition to managing Green Boy’s daily operations, Jeroen will oversee hiring and provide strategic input to increase the company’s commercial activities.  “I was connected to Green Boy the last two years via the advisory board which allowed me to get to know the company pretty well,” said Jeroen. “The energy and creativity that the team at Green Boy brings to the table is amazing. I’ve never seen a company grow so fast and have such a positive impact on the food industry. It is really exciting to be able to contribute with my experience in a meaningful way …


Brian and Clayton, Kos Foods


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KOS, Fastest Growing Plant Protein Brand in US, Secures $12M in Series A

US-based plant-based powerhouse and functional nutrition brand KOS announces it has secured $12 million in Series A round to secure the company’s position as a key player in the plant-based nutrition space and diversify its plant-based footprint. KOS has plans to diversify its plant-based footprint after closing the round which was led by industry vets and entrepreneurs, Clayton Christopher and Brian Goldberg, with a follow-on investment from early-stage investor Springdale Ventures. Fastest-Growing Plant-Protein Brand In 2021, according to SPINS, KOS was the fastest-growing plant-protein brand by total distribution points in the natural channel, which includes specialty retailers and stores like Whole Foods Market. Additionally, KOS secured national retail partners Walmart, CVS and Vitamin Shoppe, bringing total distribution up to 38,500 by year-end, an impressive 470% …


Mikuna Lupin Protein Powder Range

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Mikuna Introduces Chocho, First Lupin-Based Protein Powder to US

Mikuna, a plant-based nutrition company, has launched Chocho – a lupin-derived protein powder that is already outselling pea and soy protein in regional retail stores. Mikuna is the first supplier of Chocho lupin protein in the US, introducing the many benefits of this little-known superfood to a wide American audience for the first time.  Grown in the Andean mountains at elevations of 11,000 to 14,000 feet, Chocho – the local Andean name for the plant – boasts a long list of nutritional attributes. Composed of 54% protein, Chocho offers more protein per serving than virtually any other plant source, outcompeting both soy (36%) and pea (34%) while offering all nine essential amino acids. The product is also high in fiber and provides omegas, iron, calcium …


CNP Plant

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Sports Nutrition Brand CNP Plant Partners with Vegan Distributor Bravura Foods

British sports nutrition brand CNP Professional announces that it is distributing its latest launch – CNP Plant – with vegan distributor Bravura Foods. The new range which includes protein powders, a collagen booster, pre-workout products, and plant-based nutrition bars, has been vegan certified by the vegetarian society.


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CNN Promotes Algae

In a recent report, the US television station CNN has highlighted the benefits of algae, especially with regards to their proteins. It has frequently been reported that vegetable proteins have positive health benefits and the same nutritional value as whey protein. Though most of the protein in the human diet originates from animal sources, algae have the potential to change things around.