Christoph Jenny of Eatplanted

Christoph Jenn © Eatplanted


Eatplanted: “We Want to Revolutionise the Way Meat and Protein-Rich Foods Are Consumed”

Eatplanted is one of Europe’s fastest-growing alt meat producers, combining extrusion and fermentation technology to make highly realistic meat alternatives. Founded in Switzerland in 2019, Eatplanted rapidly began attracting investor interest and raising large sums of funding. The company then announced ambitious plans to develop whole cuts of plant-based meat — an area that has eluded many producers — and to become Europe’s biggest alt meat brand. Soon, Eatplanted was expanding internationally. The company arrived in the UK less than a year ago but has already been widely successful, securing listings at national retailers such as Morrisons and Holland & Barrett. We caught up with co-founder Christoph Jenny to find out more about Eatplanted’s products and goals for 2023. What is the story behind Eatplanted? …


Pulled Meat

© Redefine Meat

Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Redefine Meat Partners With Leading Meat Importer, Launches Vegan Pulled Meats

Israeli alt meat brand Redefine Meat has unveiled five new products, including its first ever Pulled Meat range. The news comes as Redefine announces a partnership with high-end conventional meat importer Giraudi Meats. Redefine claims the new Pulled Meat range is an entirely new plant-based category in food service, featuring alternatives to pulled beef, lamb, and pork. The products are said to be much quicker to prepare than slow-cooked animal meats, with cooking time reduced from hours to minutes. Redefine has also introduced two new plant-based premium cuts — Tenderloin and Striploin. The new cuts build on the success of Redefine’s Flank steaks, which were endorsed by Michelin chefs Europe-wide. The Tenderloin and Striploin are said to accurately replicate the texture and characteristics of beef …