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NIÚKE Foods Launches New Line of Vegan Condiments and “Market First” Quinoa Milk

NIÚKE Foods has announced the introduction of its latest offerings in the vegan food sector, launching a lineup of plant-based condiments and milk alternatives. The new range includes eight varieties of chickpea vegan mayonnaise and three types of plant milk, including peanut and quinoa milk. The Miami-based company has been teasing the products since last year and has now officially launched its VMAYO products. Starting May 1, 2024, NIÚKE Foods will begin retailing its plant milks. The NIÚKE Quinoa Milk has been spotlighted in the launch as the first quinoa-based plant milk available in the US, according to the company. NIÚKE is also introducing two peanut-based milks, one plain and one combined with cacao, both utilizing selenium-rich peanuts sourced from Argentina. The Peanut Cacao milk …


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Investments & Acquisitions

BENEO to Acquire Meatless BV, Supplier of Textured Pea, Fava, Wheat Proteins

Südzucker subsidiary BENEO is to acquire Meatless BV, a Dutch producer of texturized plant proteins from rice, quinoa, pea, fava, wheat and lupins. Meatless has supplied the food industry with such proteins for over 15 years. Südzucker Group states that plant-based proteins are a current focus and that the acquisition of Meatless supports Südzucker’s goal of evolving from a large-scale processor of agricultural raw materials to a leading partner for plant-based solutions. The move closely follows the news from earlier this month that its subsidiary BENEO will open a €50 million fava bean plant in Germany to meet the growing demand for plant-based proteins. Founded in 2005, Meatless has developed a unique process that enables the production of plant texturates in a manner that results …