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Investments & Finance

Healthy Ramen Brand immi Closes $10M Series A to Scale Up Plant-Based Instant Ramen

Plant-based instant ramen brand immi announces it has closed $10M in Series A funding to help brings its healthy, low-carb and high-protein ramen to mainstream markets. The round was backed by a powerful group of celebrities, including Naomi Osaka, Usher and Apollo Ohno. Founded by Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan, immi sells a range of better-for-you instant vegan ramens in three flavors – Black Garlic “Chicken”, Spicy “Beef”, and Tom Yum “Shrimp”. Since launching in 2021, the brand reports “tremendous” growth in demand across its website, Amazon, and other online wholesale channels. Last year, the company began retail expansion at companies like Whole Foods, where it reports seeing strong, sustained retail velocities. The new financing will enable immi to continue scaling by hiring for key …


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Company News

Kinjabang Noodles: How a Vegan Ramen Brand Became a Retail Success, Selling Out on Amazon

KinjaBang Noodles of Los Angeles states that, since its rather unconventional launch (see below), it has seen rapid growth, selling out on Amazon within hours and reaching the #1 spot in its category, and is now available at 10+ major chain retailers with a retail footprint of 1,500+ locations across the USA. Kinjaz, a “world-renowned” dance crew, choreographers for Justin Bieber and K-Pop Superstars and famous for NBC’s World of Dance and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, launched the ramen brand in a remarkable pivot during lockdown, when Covid forced the group to close down all their dance studios and cancel all tours. Partnering with Jaback Group, a leading business development conglomerate in the CPG space, the group created KinjaBang Noodles, and leveraging a social …


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Gastronomy & Food Service

OMNIFoods and Kenchan Ramen Launch DIY Ramen Kits Featuring OMNI Ground Pork

Alt-protein brand OMNIFoods announces it is partnering with LA’s Kenchan Ramen to offer at-home, DIY vegan ramen kits to consumers in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah.  Made to provide an authentic, at-home ramen experience, Kenchan Ramen’s plant-based options are now available for purchase online and include three varieties:  White Truffle Mushroom – Creamy veggie broth adn white truffle w/ spinach noodles, edamame and sauteed mushrooms, drizzled with truffle oil. Ginger Garlic Shio – An umami-filled ginger & garlic soup base with fresh noodles, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, lotus root, and onion ginger oil.  Spicy Sesame – A spicy ramen with stir-fried OmniGround pork protein, fresh noodles, edamame, chili threads and sesame seeds.  According to OMNIFoods, its plant-based OMNIPork is an all-purpose pork alternative with a …