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Fungi Take Over CPG Industry With “Mushroom” One of Most Searched For Terms in Q2 of 2022

A retail report by product discovery and purchasing platform RangeMe has explored CPG trends in the second quarter of 2022. A key finding is that demand for mushrooms is rapidly increasing. The search term “mushroom” was one of the most Googled in the analyzed period, which has been attributed to consumers increasingly prioritising their health — mushrooms are a rich source of nutrients such as vitamins D and B, and are said to improve gut and immune health. Mushroom growth in double digits In March, a report analysed the top natural trends of 2022 and named mushrooms as one of the most significant. It noted that the industry is experiencing double-digit growth, with fungi-based products now widely used in food, supplements, materials, and more. Mushrooms …


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The Vegan Society and RangeMe Partner to Help Retailers Discover Vegan Products

The Vegan Society and RangeMe have announced a collaboration to help vegan brands showcase their products to global retail buyers.  The two organizations’ partnership will make it easier for Vegan Trademark holders to enter new market territories, including the US, and introduce their products to brand new stores and customers. RangeMe in turn will gain new exposure from a wealth of diverse labels and businesses. RangeMe is a discovery platform that enables retail buyers to quickly search new products while providing an array of tools and services to help businesses grow their brands.  Created in 1990, The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark is the world’s oldest and largest vegan verification program. The Trademark label can currently be found on 58,000 products worldwide including food, drink, cosmetics, …