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Cultivated Meat

CellX & Tofflon to Build “China’s First” Pilot Facility for Cultivated Meat Production

Chinese biotechnology company CellX and Tofflon, a provider of process support, core equipment, consumables, and system engineering solutions for global drug and food manufacturing, have announced a strategic agreement partnership to build China’s first pilot facility for cultivated meat production.  Additionally, the companies announced plans to develop innovative equipment and to build other global facilities for the commercial production of cultivated meat products.  Ziliang Yang, co-founder and CEO of CellX, said: “Tofflon is one of the world’s leading providers of comprehensive solutions for drug and food manufacturing, and their equipment and technologies can be quickly applied to the field of cultivated meat. As part of our strategic partnership, the construction of a pilot facility is the cornerstone of CellX’s journey to scale up cultivated meat production in …


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Manufacturing & Technology

Big Plant-Based Data: Four Ways to Harness AI and Transform your R&D Process

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technologies are transforming the world as we know it, and are proving to be integral to advancements within the plant-based industry. ProVeg International recently published an article which details four key ways in which your company can utilise AI to improve your plant-based product-development process, helping to reduce company costs, promote productivity in your workforce, and truly excite consumers. In ProVeg’s full article, which draws on insight from experts in the plant-based AI field, you can find out how to effectively harness AI by adopting the following four key strategies: Lead with consumer insight Drive innovation and reduce costs with AI-powered flavours Connect and collaborate with other companies Keep humans at the forefront But why is AI becoming such a …


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Business Insiders

Heura’s Lead R&D Scientist Isa Fernández Farrés: “It is Everyone’s Responsibility to Address Gender Bias”

My scientific background has been instrumental in developing new technological solutions or even improving existing ones. And by scientific background, I am not referring to the acquired knowledge during a PhD, which is the understanding of a narrow scientific field, but rather the tools I learned by practising science throughout 10+ years in research, both in academia and in industry.  Learning how to learn These tools are the ability to make testable predictions and the most powerful one for me is “learning how to learn”, which I constantly use to broaden my scientific knowledge in order to maximise technological outcomes. Balancing depth and breadth of expertise is the key to achieving technological impact.  And I found that learning the basics of different scientific fields was …


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Tofurky Hires Former Beyond Meat Scientist Gilad Kaufman as Vice President of R&D

Tofurky recently announced the onboarding of Gilad Kaufman, former Scientist at Beyond Meat, as the company’s new Vice President of R&D. As part of Tofurky’s senior leadership team, Kaufman will refresh and accelerate the innovation pipeline and work on the development of Tofurky and Moocho products. Kaufman, holder of a PhD in Soft Matter Science from Yale University, spent three years at Beyond Meat, where he served as a Senior Soft Matter Scientist, focusing on improving the texture and appearance of plant-based meats. Kaufman will put together a product development team based in Hood River, Oregon, recruiting scientists with a passion for creating new and exciting plant-based products. Tofurky states this team will “strive to modernize flavor, texture and juiciness experiences for growing product portfolios” …