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Nosh Biofoods and Ginkgo Bioworks Partner to Create “Superior” Mycoprotein for Red Meat Alternatives

Berlin-based startup Nosh Biofoods and biotech company Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA) announce a new partnership to produce what they claim would be a superior mycoprotein ingredient for red meat alternatives to make them “taste closer to real meat than ever before.” Creating plant-based red meat, free from binders and chemical additives, continues to challenge the industry. Still, these two companies are poised to solve this problem and develop a mycoprotein with better taste, color, performance, and nutrition for clean-label alternatives. As part of the collaboration, Nosh Biofoods will leverage Ginkgo Bioworks’ capacity to discover and deliver protein-producing fungi strains with superior sensorial profiles to provide the rich taste, juiciness, and color of red meat in NPDs.  “Nosh.bio is eager to enable the transition from animal-based to animal-free products. What …