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Better Meat Co. Partners with Greenleaf Foods to Develop New Products with Rhiza Mycoprotein

Fermentation specialist The Better Meat Co. announces it has entered a joint development agreement with Greenleaf Foods, SPC, a subsidiary of Canadian meat giant Maple Leaf Foods. According to Better Meat, the agreement will focus largely on product development. Through the partnership, both companies will work together to explore the next generation of alt protein using Better Meat’s novel Rhiza mycoprotein ingredient.  Produced via fermentation, Rhiza mycoprotein is a sustainable, whole-food ingredient derived from the Neorospora crassa fungus, a species long used in parts of Asia to ferment soybeans for tempeh.  According to Better Meat, Rhiza has a naturally meaty texture, with more protein than eggs and more iron than beef. When used as an ingredient for plant-based meats, Rhiza can help to enhance texture, …


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Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

The Better Meat Co. Showcases Mycelium Foie Gras and Turkey at LinkedIn Headquarters

The Better Meat Co., the B2B fermented meat specialist, reveals it is debuting foie gras and turkey slices made from the company’s Rhiza mycoprotein at the LinkedIn headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.  For one week, LinkedIn employees will be among the first to try the company’s mycelium-based products, including animal-free foie gras, a delicacy that is otherwise banned in California. “It’s illegal in California to sell foie gras, so we’re harnessing the power of fermentation to recreate a delectable experience in a humane and legal way,” said Paul Shapiro, CEO of The Better Meat Co. “We’re honored to partner with Bon Appetit Management Co. to offer Linkedin team members a taste of the future.” From steaks to seafood Located in Sacramento, The Better Meat Co. produces …