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New Rice & Pea Proteins with Complete Amino Acid Profile Arrive in US and Canada, in “Major Step Forward” for Alt Dairy

Xyprotein (Anhui Shunxin Shengyuan Biological Food Co.) and ZXCHEM USA have collaborated to launch rice and pea protein powders designed for use in the plant-based food and beverage sector. Anhui Shunxin, a rice protein manufacturer based in Eastern China, and ZXCHEM USA, a food and beverage protein distributor located in Somerset, New Jersey, have now introduced these products to the US and Canadian markets. Complete protein The first product, HydroRice™ PA80, consists of 100% rice protein, and the second, HydroPR™ 80, is a blend of 40% rice and 60% pea protein. Both rice and pea protein contain all nine essential amino acids crucial for human health, but on their own, each is slightly deficient in one amino acid. Rice protein falls short on lysine, while …


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BENEO Launches Rice, Wheat, and Fava Protein Concentrates for Healthy Pet Diets

German ingredients manufacturer BENEO has introduced a new range of high-quality and non-GMO vegetal protein concentrates — a toolbox for manufacturers developing natural, plant-based pet food products for healthy pet diets. Featuring locally sourced, non-GMO rice, wheat gluten, and faba protein, BENEO claims its new range of concentrates provides specific nutritional and technical benefits such as high protein content, high digestibility, and excellent amino acid profiles.  “Pet food manufacturers are increasingly facing lower availability and price volatility, mainly for meat (co)products. As a result, many producers are willing to explore new protein sources and diversify their portfolio,” says Beneo. Rice  BENEO claims that its rice concentrate provides approximately 80% of proteins. It is highly digestible, offering essential amino acids such as methionine, cysteine, phenylalanine, and tyrosine, …


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Beyond Meat Supplier Roquette Launches New Rice Proteins

France and Canada-based Roquette – a family-owned company with a turnover of around €3.5 billion which supplies pea protein to alt meat producers such as Beyond Meat – announces the launch of two rice proteins, adding a new botanical origin to its current portfolio. The move follows last autumn’s announcement that Roquette is to open what it claims to be the world’s largest pea protein plant in Canada. Just this month, the French company launched a new range of textured proteins made from pea and fava for European markets, as pea and fava proteins continue to thrive. NUTRALYS® rice protein will be presented for the first time during the IFT FIRST event, July 10-13, in Chicago. The company states that, with a fine particle size …