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Bond Completes Prototype to Revolutionise Pet Food: “People, Pets, Farm Animals, and the Planet All Win”

Bond Pet Foods, a food tech company that has been working on animal-free pet food since 2017, has successfully created the first prototype of its future consumer-facing chicken without the chicken, which Bond says will revolutionise the pet food space. We spoke to Rich Kelleman, founder and CEO, to find out more.


Rich Kelleman – CEO Bond Pet Foods

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Rich Kelleman – Pet Food: The Paradox of Meat

The issue of sustainability in pet food is enormous and one that is not yet addressed anywhere close to as much as is imperative. The number of pet dogs across the planet has been estimated at 900 million, so let that sink in for a second, then understand that the pet food industry creates unfathomable sustainability issues and needs to be disrupted just as much as human food.