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Robert Downey Jr.’s FootPrint Coalition Invests in Motif Foodworks For “New-to-the-World” Plant-Based Foods

Robert Downey Jr.’s FootPrint Coalition Ventures invests in Boston’s Motif Foodworks to create next gen plant-based foods “moving beyond animal mimicry” into new product categories, as the company simultaneously announces its launch into foodservice with its alt beef, pork and chicken. Motif states that the two companies will partner on the development of “new-to-the-world” plant-based food format, stating: “This includes moving beyond animal mimicry to create new product categories that provide consumers with healthier, better tasting plant-based options”. “If plant-based foods are going to make a real impact on sustainability, we need an approach that’s both delicious and nutritious,” said Robert Downey Jr., founder of FootPrint Coalition Ventures. “By focusing on both better tasting and healthier options, Motif is not only making a difference in …


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Robert Downey Jr. Invests $10M+ of Own Money on a Mission to Save the Planet

Actor Robert Downey Jr. has put at least $10 million of his own fortune into the launch of a new rolling venture investment fund called Footprint Coalition Ventures. The investment focus areas listed so far are bamboo (MISSION: Build the world’s most sustainable paper. End global deforestation), insect-based protein, and plastic alternatives, with grants available for cellular agriculture, microplastics, and conservation tech.