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BettaF!sh Unveils SAL-NOM Vegan Hot-Smoked Salmon Made from Seaweed

Berlin-based startup BettaF!sh presents its latest product, SAL-NOM, a plant-based alternative to hot-smoked salmon made from seaweed, following the success of its flagship product TU-NAH. With the new product launch, the company is expanding its product portfolio to include one of the world’s favourite fish species and once again demonstrating the innovative use of European seaweed. Seaweed is often referred to as a ‘good impact food’, providing important nutrients and helping the ecosystem to regain its balance without the need for resources such as arable land, freshwater, fertilisers or pesticides. According to BettaF!sh, recently named as one of the Top 10 Agrifood Startups to watch in 2024, TU-NAH was the biggest launch in the European fish alternatives market in October 2021. The product has been …


Impact Food salmon sashimi

© Impact Food

Products & Launches

Impact Food Debuts Sushi-Grade Plant-Based Salmon on World Oceans Day

Impact Food, a food technology startup developing sustainable seafood alternatives, has announced the debut of its sushi-grade plant-based salmon to coincide with World Oceans Day.  As part of its introduction, Impact Food showcased its plant-based salmon at two World Oceans Week events, one in New York City and another in Tokyo, Japan. In New York, the product was featured at the Explorer’s Club World Ocean’s Week, where it was served in sushi rolls and ceviche. Meanwhile in Tokyo, the salmon premiered at Oisix Ra Daichi’s annual World Oceans Day event, where it was presented in sashimi and nigiri formats and featured on TV Tokyo’s WBS program. Impact Food’s new product builds on its flagship offering, Impact Tuna, which last year launched in Onigilly restaurants in …


Canadian plant-based seafood startup Save Da Sea has secured CAD 650,000 in a seed II financing round to accelerate its US expansion and hire additional team members in Victoria.

© Save da Sea

Investments & Finance

Save Da Sea Secures Funds for Expansion, Proving that “Profit with Purpose” is Possible

Canadian plant-based seafood startup Save Da Sea recently secured CAD 650,000 in a seed II financing round to accelerate the US expansion of its salmon and tuna alternatives and hire additional team members at its headquarters in Victoria. The startup made its US debut at Market of Choice, a retail chain with 11 locations throughout Oregon, last week, as reported by Betakit. Meanwhile, its US expansion plans include other listings following a strategy to concentrate on natural foods retailers in the Pacific Northwest. Last year, CEO and founder Aki Kaltenbach reported that the company’s revenue in the Canadian market had tripled year over year, encouraging a US launch of its fresh refrigerated smoked salmon and tuna products. The round was led by the Business Development Bank …


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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Revo Foods Unveils Plant-Based Salmon 2.0 with Revamped Recipe & New Flavours

Austria’s Revo Foods has launched Version 2.0 of its plant-based smoked salmon slices, featuring an optimised recipe and a new name — SMOKEY SLICES. The products are available in the flavours “Smokey Style” and “Dill & Lemon Style”. The revamped recipe contains microalgae oils and is claimed to provide more omega-3 fatty acids than some aquacultured salmon products. Other ingredients include pea protein, sea salt, fibres, and the essential vitamins E, B12, and B6. The salmon alternatives are said to have excellent bioavailability, meaning the proteins they contain can be easily absorbed by the body. Widespread launch in mainstream retail The SMOKEY SLICES will be available from Revo Foods’ online store in most European countries from May 15. The products are also set to launch …


Oshi plant-based salmon fillet

© Oshi

Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Oshi to Unveil 2nd Iteration of “Groundbreaking” Plant-Based Salmon Fillet at NRA Chicago

Food tech company Oshi has announced it will unveil the latest version of its “groundbreaking” plant-based salmon fillet at the upcoming National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, which takes place from May 18-21. Oshi has also revealed that it has secured US-wide distribution for its flagship cooked salmon fillet through restaurant supply company Webstaurant, along with distributors Earthly Gourmet in the Pacific Northwest and Ace Natural Inc. on the East Coast. Oshi says the exhibition of the updated salmon alternative will mark a significant step in its US expansion, which began in 2023 after the company rebranded from its previous name, Plantish. The upscale vegan Italian restaurant Coletta in New York City was the first US location to offer the plant-based salmon fillet. Last …


Revo Foods salmon alternative

© Revo Foods

Politics & Law

Revo Foods is Sued for “Misleading” Consumers That its Plant-Based Salmon is Real Fish, Court Dismisses Case

An Austrian court has dismissed a lawsuit brought against alt seafood startup Revo Foods by Vienna City Council, based on the labelling of its famed plant-based salmon. The lawsuit claimed that the name of the product, “Revo™ Salmon – 100% Plant-Based with Pea Protein”, could mislead consumers into thinking it contained real salmon. However, the administrative court rejected this. “Our packaging declares that only 100% plant-based ingredients are used and clearly labels the products as vegan without animal-based ingredients,” said Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods. “In our view, any accusation of deception is unjustified. Many consumers are specifically looking for these types of products, and it is important to give guidance of the product taste with descriptive names.” According to the startup, this is …


Aldi plant-based smoked salmon slices

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Products & Launches

Aldi UK Launches Plant-Based Smoked Salmon Slices & “Biggest Ever” Vegan Cheese Range

Aldi UK has expanded its Plant Menu range by launching plant-based smoked salmon slices and a new selection of vegan cheeses. The No Salmon Slices are smoked over beechwood for an authentic taste and texture. They have already attracted attention from influencers, with Lilly Assender — who has over 110,000 followers on her Instagram account @foodie_lilly — saying she was “shook at how much this tasted like smoked salmon”. Meanwhile, vegan TikToker @Jadegreenvegan taste-tested the plant-based salmon and rated it 9/10, in a video that received over 12,000 likes and comments. Cheese selection Aldi UK has also just launched its largest-ever vegan cheese range, including three varieties of cheddar alternatives — Sliced, Grated, and Block. Additionally, there is a selection of Continental Cheese alternatives on …


OCEAN KISS, a French startup based in Bordeaux, creates 100 % plant-based alternatives to ocean favorites.


Meat- and Fish Alternatives

OCEAN KISS Creates France’s First Smoked Salmon Crafted From Seaweed and Plants

Eating fish will be increasingly difficult as it becomes scarce due to overfishing, pollution, and a warmer climate. Recognizing these challenges, OCEAN KISS, a French startup based in Bordeaux, creates 100 % plant-based alternatives to ocean favorites, starting with salmon. The company’s first venture in alt seafood, SOLMON, is said to be the first plant-based smoked salmon crafted from seaweed and plants manufactured in France. SOLMON contains omega-3 (including DHA/EPA),  protein and fibers, and is gluten and soy-free, offering 60% less salt than the average smoked salmon on the market. In addition to being nutritious, plant-based salmon is free from controversial substances, including antibiotics, pollutants, heavy metals, and microplastics “Our plant-based alternatives to fish help to reduce CO2 emissions and pressure on marine resources, while …


Protein Industries Canada salmon announcement

globenewswire / Protein Industries Canada


$11.4M Investment Set to Revolutionize Canadian Market With “Category First” Whole Muscle Salmon

Protein Industries Canada announces a significant investment in the advancement of novel food options for Canadian consumers, marking the inaugural project investment within its second mandate. The initiative will combine the expertize of New School Foods, Liven Proteins, and NuWave Research to commercialize a plant-based whole-muscle salmon product, and notably, the announcement shortly follows the formation of the world’s first alternative seafood association, Future Ocean Foods. The three companies will work together to bring to market a whole-muscle cut of plant-based salmon “that transforms from raw to cooked” (no further information is given as to the manner of the “transformation”). Described as a category first, the media release states that the salmon product will offer the same taste and texture as conventional salmon. A trio …


Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods

Revo Foods CEO Robin Simsa, image supplied


Revo Foods: “3D Extrusion Technology is Not a Far-Fetched Dream, But a Reality That You Can Already Buy in Supermarkets”

When we last spoke with Revo Foods just a year ago, CEO Robin Simsa boldly stated that, in five years, “Revo will be the leading provider of plant-based seafood in the world”. Since then, the young Austrian team has famously gone on to launch its mycoprotein-based salmon filet into REWE’s flagship vegan superstore, the 200-metre square Billa Pflanzilla, marking the first-ever 3D-printed product to be available in supermarkets worldwide and receiving huge amounts of international attention. As Revo works to scale up production in three distinct steps, with the second step set to conclude next year, it will gain capabilities to produce far higher volumes and roll out the product into multiple locations. Exciting times for Austria and for the food industry, as Robin explains …


British plant-based meat brand Squeaky Bean launches its first-ever fish alternatives

Image courtesy of Squeaky Bean

Products & Launches

Squeaky Bean Enters Plant-Based Seafood Category with Tuna Flakes and Smoked Salmon Slices

British plant-based meat brand Squeaky Bean announces the launch of its first-ever fish alternatives: Squeaky Bean Tuna Style Flakes and Squeaky Bean Beechwood Smoked Salmon Style Slices; marking what the brand claims to be the first vegan smoked salmon-style slices to be available in major retailers. The new smoked salmon slices will launch first at Waitrose on the 20th of September. And from the 27th of September, both products will be available at Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. Squeaky Bean, which keeps expanding its portfolio with vegan versions of the traditional snack sausage rolls or crumbed ham slices, says that its NPDs respond to the growing demand for plant-based fish.   Becky Youseman, marketing controller at The Compleat Food Group, said: “Eating fish is a popular diet …


Oshi salmon


Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

Oshi and The Better Meat Co. Receive $1M Joint Grant to Develop Fish-Free Salmon Fillets

Alt protein startups Oshi (the company formerly known as Plantish) and The Better Meat Co. announce the two companies have jointly been awarded a USD $1M grant from the BIRD Foundation.  Intended to promote R&D that mutually benefits both Israel and the US, the Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) grant will support the work of Oshi and The Better Meat Co. to develop mycoprotein-based salmon fillets.  According to the companies, human activities like overfishing, dams and logging have severely impacted many wild salmon populations, leading to steep population declines and even extinction. In the Atlantic Ocean, it is estimated that 99.5% of all native Atlantic salmon has disappeared from the wild. Despite this ecological crisis, consumer demand for salmon continues to grow each year.  …


A bag of plant-based salmon

©Hooked Foods

Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Hooked Foods Receives “Overwhelming Support” from Crowdfunding Investors to Launch Plant-Based Fish in Germany

Plant-based fish company Hooked Foods announces it has raised SEK6 million (€500,000) in its first limited crowdfunding round on Crowdcube to scale up its technology and make its products widely accessible to consumers. The Swedish company also announced that with the new capital, it will expand to Germany through a partnership with Ooha, a sales agency with “unique knowledge” of the German market and its enormous potential.  Strong demand for plant-based fish “We are overwhelmed by the support we have received from our investors and the community, which clearly indicates the strong demand for our plant-based fish substitutes,” says Tom Johansson, CEO of Hooked Foods. “With the funding we have secured, we will continue to drive innovation and provide sustainable and delicious alternatives for fish lovers …


Upstream Foods develops cultivated salmon fat

© Upstream Foods

Cultivated Seafood

Upstream Foods Develops Cultivated Salmon Fat to Improve Taste of Alt Seafood

Dutch startup Upstream Foods is developing cultivated salmon fat that could be used to give plant-based seafood the same flavor and mouthfeel as conventional fish. The fat is made by taking cells from living fish via a biopsy and using them to produce stem cells. These stem cells can then become fat cells, multiplying many times in a bioreactor so that one sample can produce a large quantity of cultivated fat. Finally, the cells are combined with a plant-based matrix. While the technology is already used in the pharmaceutical industry, it is not yet widely used in food production. Upstream Foods is currently operating from the Wageningen University and Research campus, but is searching for a larger lab to allow it to combine food and …


EAT HAPPY instore sushi concept


Food Service

EAT HAPPY Trials Vegan Fish Sushi in Austria Where Vegan Diet is “Rising Steadily”

EAT HAPPY, an in-store sushi concept and leading supplier of Asian convenience products in mainland Europe, launches three plant-based fish sushi products, stating that the company sees the “proportion of those people who eat a purely vegan diet rising steadily in Austria”. The products being trialed at four initial test markets in Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck are Vegan Salmon Nigiri, Vegan Salmon Maki, and Vegan Tuna California. The vegan sushi products are set to expand nationally throughout Austria after the test phase. EAT HAPPY’s plant-based offerings EAT HAPPY is represented in more than 3,000 locations in stationary food retailers throughout Europe and operates 50 EAT HAPPY Shops as well as in more than 1,000 chests at stores such as Billa and Spar. Last May, the …


 Hooked Foods raises 10MSEK & opens crowdfunding

© Hooked Foods

Investments & Finance

Hooked Foods Raises SEK10M From Top-Tier Investors & Opens Crowdfunding Campaign

After securing another ten million Swedish kronor (around $967,000) for its sustainable plant-based seafood, Swedish company Hooked Foods has announced its first limited crowdfunding round on Crowdcube. “We closed our raise with top tier investors, will continue to grow and YOU now have the unique opportunity to join our wave and invest in this round as well. Take your chance below, get your spot in our limited crowdfunding and join our movement!” said Tom Johansson, co-founder and CEO at Hooked Foods, on social media. A healthier seafood ecosystem Hooked was born in 2019 after Tom Johansson and Emil Wasteson were challenged to create a sustainable plant-based alternative to seafood to lead the transition to a healthier ecosystem. The company says that to date, it has …


Vegan Salmon Burger

©The ISH Company

Products & Launches

The ISH Company Introduces Salmonish Burgers to “Exceed Consumer Expectations” for Sustainable Seafood Protein

Alt seafood startup The ISH Company announces it is launching Salmonish™, a new plant-based salmon burger that is made to offer a cleaner, more sustainable alternative to conventional seafood. Made with regenerative ingredients like kelp, Salmonish Burgers will be available to food service through North America’s largest food redistributor, Dot Foods. Salmonish Burgers marks ISH Food’s third product release, following its successful launch of plant-based shrimp products Shrimpish® and Shrimpish® Crumbles into US food service last year. Similar to Shrimpish, ISH states the new salmon burgers are made with 100% plant-based ingredients. Each serving provides 14 grams of protein and 300 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, while offering a convenient and easy-to-prepare product for consumers, says the brand.  To create the burgers, ISH says its team …


Plant-based Salmon Filet

©New School Foods

Investments & Finance

Canada’s New School Foods Raises $12M to Scale Whole-Cut, Raw Plant-Based Salmon

Plant-based seafood producer New School Foods announces it has raised $12M in seed funding for its proprietary, scalable technology that can produce “raw” whole-cut fish alternatives. Beginning in 2023, the company will launch its whole-cut salmon through a chef-only pilot program in North America.  According to New School, the overall alt-protein industry has not yet fully tackled its greatest opportunity: whole cuts, which represent a majority of meat sales in North America. New School notes that whole cuts involve many complex structural challenges such as texture, connective tissue, muscle fibers, and other macrostructures that exist in animal proteins.  To resolve this, New School Foods CEO Christopher Bryson invested heavily in academic R&D projects for three years with leading food science universities. Through his work, Bryson …



© Wildtype

Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Wildtype Expects to Launch Sushi-Grade Cultivated Salmon in US Restaurants This Year

San Francisco’s Wildtype, which raised an incredible $100 million in Series B last year from investors including Leonardo DiCaprio, says it expects to launch its cultivated sushi-grade salmon in restaurants later this year. Wildtype’s co-founder Justin Kolbeck told IntraFish that the company is waiting to complete the FDA’s pre-market consultation that studies the safety of its cultivated salmon and that when the process concludes, Wildtype will be able to commercialize. If the company receives the FDA’s green light, Wildtype would become one of the first to launch commercially cultivated food in the US. What the No Questions letter means According to Kolbeck, UPSIDE Foods, which received a No Questions letter from the FDA last year for its cultivated chicken, had to complete a similar pre-market …


a grilled plant-based salmon fillet on a plate served with lemon wedges made by the dutch company plnt


Products & Launches

PLNT Introduces 100% Plant-Based Salmon, Launches Two New Chicken Products

Dutch plant-based meat and fish producer PLNT announces the launch of three products — Salmon Fillets, Chicken Nuggets, and Chicken Tenders. The company says the new plant-based salmon and chicken developments are part of its ongoing effort to respond to the most critical trends in food: a healthier life and a healthier planet. PLNT’s plant-based salmon is made with pea proteins and is allergen-free, while the new chicken items contain 39 % wheat protein. The brand claims its meats are nutritious — high in proteins and containing vitamins and minerals — and better for the environment. “We source our ingredients as close to home as possible, with wheat from Denmark and the Netherlands and soy from Austria, which are just two examples,” Marleen Kolijn, senior brand …