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Heinz Partners With Mattel to Launch a Pink “Barbiecue” Sauce, and it Happens to Be Vegan

Heinz UK has partnered with Mattel to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Barbie with an unusual limited-edition product — “Barbiecue Sauce“. The condiment contains a combination of vegan mayo and barbecue sauce, with beetroot extract used to give it a bright pink colour. Heinz first teased the product on social media in August, along with another suggested sauce — “Tomato Kenchup”. After many fans expressed their enthusiasm for the idea, Heinz decided to make the Barbiecue Sauce a reality (though there is no sign of the Tomato Kenchup so far). The sauce is said to be ideal for drizzling on burgers, fries, and salads. Initially, the condiment will only be available in the UK and Spain, though it may later be expanded to other markets. …


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Guest Posts

Guest Post: Spreading the Goodness – Where Flavor Meets Nutrition in Sauces, Dips and Spreads

In the world of plant-based eating, sauces, dips, and spreads play a crucial role. Vegetarian and vegan foods are largely seen as ‘better-for-you’ choices by consumers, but this virtuous reputation leads some to view plant-based foods as less flavorsome or exciting.[1] Condiments come to the rescue here, giving consumers a convenient source of ‘spice’ that makes a plant-based diet that bit more enjoyable. Everyone knows sauces and dips need to taste good, but is there scope to also view them as health boosters in their own right? Dressings Mayonnaise and salad dressings are the top sauces across Europe and the USA[2], but with consumers trying hard to eat healthier – both for themselves and the planet – demand for delicious, nutritious dairy-free alternatives is on …


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Haven’s Kitchen Sauces Now Available In The Fresh Market, Continuing Expansion Across US

Haven’s Kitchen, a New York-based recreational cooking school and cafe known for creating America’s first line of fresh, refrigerated, globally inspired sauces, yesterday announced a new partnership with leading retailer The Fresh Market, expanding its presence to make a total of 300 Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast stores.