Meatable hosts tasting for cultivated meat in Singapore

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Cultivated Meat

Meatable Hosts First Tasting of Its Cultivated Meat in Singapore, Aims for 2024 Launch

Meatable has held a tasting for its cultivated meat in Singapore, inviting a select group of retail partners and the Singaporean Economic Development Board to sample cultivated pork sausages. The event was the Dutch company’s first ever tasting, and took place following approval from the Singapore Food Agency to ensure safety standards were met. For Meatable, this is an important step towards receiving regulatory approval to sell its products commercially. Feedback was very positive, with guests commenting that “the taste and texture were great” and “cultivated meat is probably the future of meat”. “The Meatable sausage I tasted today was very delicious. I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t tell me it was cultivated meat,” said Karen Tay, managing director at the distributor Classic Fine …


Richmond meat-free minis

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Sausage Giant Richmond Enters Plant-Based Snacking Category With Meat-Free Minis

Richmond, a UK producer of both conventional sausages and meat alternatives, launches NPD Meat-Free Minis. The launch features Richmond’s popular plant-based sausages in a new mini format, marking the first time the brand has entered the meat-free snacking category. The Minis are described as a healthier alternative to salty snacks and confectionery, as they are low in fat, salt, and sugar and have a high protein content. According to Richmond, the market for meat-free, high-protein snacks has grown by 20% in the past two years to reach a value of £37.1m (L52w to 22/01/23), with demand still rising. 61% of this growth is driven by brands that offer both meat and plant-based options, suggesting that these companies are able to more effectively appeal to flexitarians. …


Wheaty's vegan meat b

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Wheaty “Redefines the Vegan Sausage” in Celebration of 30th Anniversary

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the pioneering vegan meat brand Wheaty has announced new NPDs — two bratwurst-style sausages — that will be unveiled at BIOFACH 2023 this February in Nuremberg, Germany. “Two upcoming Wheaty products redefine the vegan sausage – again,” declares the German brand. “These two products set themselves apart from legacy vegan sausages through an incredible taste, unmatched juiciness, and an edible vegan peel that can be fried in the pan along with the sausage,” says Wheaty. Europe’s alt meat pioneer The Wheaty brand was developed by TOPAS, a European pioneer in the alt meat space, offering meat and sausages made with organic wheat protein, founded by Klaus Gaiser way back in 1993. According to Wheaty, the brand’s commitment to following EU …