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Schouten Launches Vegan Fish Sticks, Says Seaspiracy “Made a Big Impression” and Has Increased Demand

Following the launch of its plant-based tuna this January, as well as last month’s plant-based chicken and beef pieces that the company believes will become more popular than their conventional counterparts; Dutch producer Schouten now announces vegan fish sticks will be released this month, with further fish substitutes to follow in the coming months.


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Industry Leaders Speak Out About the Seaspiracy Documentary – Is a Shift to Plant-Based Enough?

Following this week’s Netflix release of the documentary Seaspiracy, industry figures from Greenpeace, Earth Warriors, Roots & Hoots, and plant-based seafood producer Loma Linda, share opinions on the issues raised and the conclusions reached in the film. Veganism is one answer, but the planet’s overpopulation is another issue which needs to be addressed, as is education and a lack thereof, say these plantbased leaders.


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Sustainability / Environment

Special: Sustainable Fishing Won’t Save the Seas. Plant-Based Seafood Will.

Tomorrow will see the Netflix release of the documentary Seaspiracy, from the same creators of Cowspiracy. In recent years there has been growing public concern about the brutality to animals as well as the environmental impact caused by the livestock industry. However, concern for marine wildlife has been far less noticeable, and the fishing industry – which generates more than $160 billion a year – remains among the most lucrative in the world.