Just Egg Serena Williams Ad

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JUST Egg Launches New Ads Featuring Serena Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal

Food tech leader Eat Just announces a new JUST Eggs ad campaign featuring tennis superstar Serena Williams and actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who are both investors in the brand. The ads will air in major markets like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City and are part of a larger campaign that will include billboards and extensive social media promotions.  Intended to poke fun at elite celebrity lifestyles, the ads are narrated by actor JB Smoove and show Williams and Gyllenhaal in different settings – Williams surrounded by experts who plan her day moment-by-moment and cook a perfect JUST Egg sandwich, while Gyllenhaal scrambles a pan of JUST Egg before resuming an exotic workout. The ads aim to show that everyone, famous or not, can enjoy …