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Shinsegae Foods Opens ‘Better Meat’ Store in Seoul’s Trendy Gangnam District

Shinsegae Foods, the food business arm of South Korean retail giant Shinsegae Group, has announced the opening of a store and restaurant for its plant-based brand Better Meat, in Seoul’s trendy Gangnam district. The company’s new premium store, The Better Vecchia & Nuovo, located in the SSG Food Market, offers a selection of  Better Meat’s products and dishes, including cold cuts, meatballs, pasta menus, and vegan meat salads.  According to Shinsegae Foods, the move follows the success of a Better Meat pop-up store that opened in the same gourmet market from July to December 2022, which attracted more than 13,000 customers, many of whom requested the company to open an official store. Better Meat and Better Foods Shinsegae Foods launched Better Meat in July 2021, partnering with …


Better Meat Cold Cut Ham Sandwiches

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Korea’s Shinsegae Foods Reveals Plans for $10M US Plant-Based Meat Subsidiary

Shinsegae Foods, the food business arm of South Korean retail giant Shinsegae Group, announces plans to create Better Foods, Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary for plant-based meats. The news comes a year after the company released Better Meat, an alt-meat product line, in Starbucks stores throughout Korea.  Boosting competitiveness To establish the US-based Better Foods, Shinsegae states it will spend $6M on setting up the subsidiary by next month, with an additional $4M allocated for the first half of 2023. Intended to boost Shinsegae’s competitiveness in the meat alternatives market, the US operations will support R&D and global expansion of Better Meat, which currently produces cold-cut sliced ham and meatball products.   After debuting Better Meat in Korea in 2021, the company partnered with Starbucks Korea …