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Steakholder’s New Study Shows Cultivated Meat & Beef Have Same Nutritional Value

3D-printed cultivated meat company Steakholder Foods, formerly MeaTech 3D, says its cultivated meat has the same nutritional value as beef. According to the company, its biology team analysed already developed cultivated muscle, testing 17 amino acids and comparing it to native tissue. The results demonstrated that cultivated meat grown in-house has the same biochemical composition as conventional meat, potentially providing similar nutritional value and taste. “The amino acid profile has two important roles in Steakholder Foods’ cultivated beef products; taste and nutritional value,” says the company.  3D bioprinting technology Steakholder Foods differentiates from other cultivated meat companies because it integrates cultivated meat — animal cells transformed into bio-ink — with 3D bioprinting technology that is scalable and designed to produce tailor-made whole cuts. The company …