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AMSilk Vegan Silk Can Prevent Infections and Post-Op Complications, Says New Study 

A new study has demonstrated that AMSilk engineered vegan spider silk coatings have the potential to prevent inflammation and reduce post-operative complications of implants. AMSilk is one of the world’s first industrial suppliers of vegan silk biopolymers, with results showing the repellence properties of its coatings reduced microbial adherence up to 99.7%.  The study, published in the MRS Communications journal, was led by Professor Thomas Scheibel, Professor of Biomaterials and Head of the Department at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. His team tested the microbe repellence of AMSilk engineered spider silk coatings on a number of silicone implant materials against bacterial strains. The results proved the vegan spider silk coatings work by creating an anti-adhesive “bioshield” thus reducing the chance of infections considerably.  Headquartered in …




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Finding Solutions in Nature: Will Xampla’s ‘Vegan Spider Silk’ Put Single-Use Plastic out of Business? 

UK University of Cambridge spin-off startup Xampla has developed compostable plastic-free sachets and capsules made of a next-gen “vegan spider silk”. The plant-based polymer biomaterial will be introduced soon and may spell the end for single-use plastic.  Mimicking the properties of spider silk – one of the strongest materials found in nature – even down to the molecular level, the biomaterial is biodegradable, marine-degradable, and claimed to be as strong as conventional plastic. Expected to launch in late 2021 in packaging applications, the material could have enormous potential if adopted at scale.  Originally developed in Cambridge’s Knowles research lab, the “vegan spider silk” was featured in a recent paper published in the journal Nature Communications. Xampla, the startup that evolved from the research project, will …


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Vegan Spider Silk ‘Spiber’ Could Revolutionise the Future of the Apparel Industry

“The Sweater” – the latest product from Goldwin to feature a brewed protein which mimics spider silk called Spiber, has launched in Japan, the United States, and several European countries. Similar to spider silk, Spiber’s new fibre is made of high-performance biomaterials but is in fact a  plant biomass that is produced by a fermentation process.