Simpliigood unveils high quality chicken analog made with spirulina

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SimpliiGood Claims New Spirulina-Based Chicken Offers Same Nutritional Value as Poultry

Israeli microalgae innovator SimpliiGood, founded by Algaecore Technologies, reveals a clean-label chicken analog made from its spirulina product, claiming it offers the same nutritional profile as chicken. Spirulina has a rich composition of whole protein and an impressive profile of vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of iron, calcium, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. “100 grams of SimpliiGood spirulina microalgae provides the equivalent of 200 grams of real chicken in protein load,” explains Baruch Dach, SimpliiGood’s founder and CTO. According to the startup, the new spirulina-based analog, composed of 80% pure, fresh, minimally processed microalgae and prebiotic fibers, solves one of the most significant hurdles of the alt protein movement: highly nutritious, clean-label alternatives. Furthermore, SimpliiGood claims to have a technology capable …


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Almost a Quarter of US Skincare Launches Now Feature Microalgae

Data from Mintel‘s Global New Product Database has revealed that 22.2% of skincare launches in the US last year contained either chlorella or spirulina — up from 13.2% in 2018. The microalgae ingredients are increasingly popular with consumers due to their perceived naturalness, sustainability, and health benefits. They are also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. One of the trending products described by Mintel is Sensityl™, a microalgae-based cosmetics ingredient developed by Givaudan. After a month of use, Sensityl is claimed to not just benefit skin but also improve mood. According to Mintel, this is in line with the growing trend towards more holistic beauty, providing emotional well-being along with functionality. Research regarding the health benefits of microalgae is still limited, but studies have indicated that the ingredients …


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SimpliiGood Develops Spirulina-Based Smoked Salmon

Israeli startup SimpliiGood, founded by Algaecore Technologies, has revealed it is working with IFF-DuPont to develop spirulina-based smoked salmon. The product will be single-ingredient, made entirely from SimpliiGood’s highly bioavailable spirulina strain. SimpliiGood will provide the raw materials, colour, and texture qualities, while IFF-DuPont will contribute the flavour and aroma. The salmon alternative will be clean-label and contain 40% complete protein. “Our spirulina can act as a complete replacement for animal-based protein or be easily integrated into existing food products.” Technological breakthroughs The creation of the spirulina-based smoked salmon has been made possible by two new technological breakthroughs. The first makes it possible to texturise spirulina chunks so that they closely resemble salmon, while the second isolates spirulina’s native beta-carotene pigment to give the salmon …


actual veggies vegan breakfast burger

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Actual Veggies Develops Vegan Breakfast Burger With Banana, Blueberries, and Acai

US company Actual Veggies produces plant-based burgers made with vegetables instead of processed ingredients. Now, the brand has created a sweet vegan breakfast burger, offering consumers a healthier way to start the day. The new Morning Burger is made with blueberries, banana, acai, cauliflower, pumpkin seeds, dates, and blue spirulina. It is free from nuts, gluten, preservatives, soy, and added oils and sugars, while also being certified kosher and non-GMO. The vegan breakfast burger will be sold frozen in packs of four. It can be served pan-fried, or blended up and added to a smoothie. Actual Veggies recently showcased the burger at Plant Based World Expo, an event that is not open to the public. The product has not yet been officially launched, and the …


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NØKO FOODS: Sports Recovery Foods, Made For Fighters and Powered By Microalgae

NØKO FOODS from France is participating in the current cohort of the ProVeg incubator programme, founded by a professional boxer, engineer, certified coach in nutritional sciences, who states that his brand’s mission is to shape the future of fight foods, to accelerate fighters’ progression and to make them better. “We are initiating a new generation of world champions with pro performance, healthy and sustainable foods, using the highly functional power of microalgae.”