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2023 GFI Reports: Cultivated Meat and Fermentation Industries Growing Despite Drop in Investments

The Good Food Institute has released the 2023 State of the Industry Reports for the alt protein industry. These annual reports provide a global analysis of each sector’s commercial landscape, investments, scientific progress, and government and regulatory developments. The following are the top highlights in cultivated meat and fermentation for 2023, providing an overview of the key developments in these industries. The complete reports can be found here. Cultivated Meat Investments Cultivated meat and seafood companies raised $225.9 million globally in 2023, bringing the total (since 2013) to $3.1 billion.  $225.9 million is a fraction of the investments in technologies to reduce emissions and address climate goals like renewable energy.  However, investments in the sector were significantly lower than the $922.3 million capital injection of …


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Plant Molecular Farming: A Fourth Emerging Alt Protein Category?

GFI has released its trio of State of the Industry reports, discussing the pillar categories of plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation-enabled proteins. The reports also hint at a fourth emerging category — plant molecular farming (PMF). PMF works in a similar way to fermentation, but the process takes place inside plants instead of bioreactors. This could eliminate the scaling challenges of producing proteins in large fermentation tanks, with the process instead taking place in greenhouses or even open fields. According to GFI, there are already 12 known companies working in this area. These include the US’ Nobell Foods, which uses soybeans to grow animal-free casein, and New Zealand’s Miruku, which uses this method to produce dairy proteins, sugars, and fats. Similarly, Israel’s BioBetter uses tobacco plants …


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GFI’s 2022 State of the Industry Reports Reveal Record Global Investment in Alt Seafood

The Good Foods Institute (GFI) has released its annual State of the Industry Report covering the fields of cultivated, fermented and plant-based proteins, as well as alternative seafood. The report’s biggest findings are summarized here.  Asia Dominates Alt-Seafood Global investments in alternative seafood soared in 2021, nearly doubling the total amount invested in 2020. By far, the greatest concentration of investment and research activity took place in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, where the majority of the world’s fish is consumed, and where startups and investors see the most lucrative opportunities. New Crop Innovations  The past year saw a surge of interest in novel crops outside of wheat, soy and peas with high protein content and protein functionality. Aquatic crops such as microalgae, seaweeds and …


MycoWorks Raises $125 Million to Mass Produce Mushroom Leather



Next-Gen Material Investments Almost Double to $980M in 2021

A new report by Material Innovations has found that next-gen material investments surged to $980 million last year, up from $425.5 million in 2020. The State of the Industry report also found that the total number of companies in the industry has increased significantly in the past eight years, now standing at 95. Of these, 67 are working on leather alternatives, 12 on silk, seven on wool, six on down, and one on exotic skins. The variety of inputs used is also on the rise, with more companies developing mycelium and microbe-derived alternatives rather than plant-based. According to the report, $2.3 billion has been invested in the industry since 2015, with the market projected to be worth $2.2 billion by 2026. However, this figure is …


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GFI’s State of the Industry Report Reveals We Are “Closer to Realizing a World Where Alternative Proteins Are No Longer Alternative”

The Good Food Institute (GFI) has released its authoritative State of the Industry annual reports covering the plant-based, cellular agriculture and fermentation sectors with revealing results. The reports show that 2020 was the biggest year to date for sustainable protein company launches, private investments, and retail sales, confirming 2020 as a “record period of investment” for alt protein.


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New GFI Reports Show Accelerating Investment for Plant-Based and Cell-Based Industries

The Good Food Institute (GFI) today released two “State of the Industry Reports” – the reports focus on cell-based meat and plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy respectively. One key takeaway: the past two years saw a dramatic increase in investments, acquisitions, and new companies being founded in these areas.