JULIENNE BRUNO and Gail's partner to launch a salad featuring SUPERSTRACCIA

Image courtesy of JULIENNE BRUNO

Food Service

JULIENNE BRUNO Introduces Vegan Cheese SUPERSTRACCIA in Gail’s Stores Across the UK

London-based innovator JULIENNE BRUNO announces a new food service partnership with famous UK bakery Gail’s. Through the collaboration, JULIENNE BRUNO introduces its vegan cheese SUPERSTRACCIA across the country, and Gail‘s expands its menu by adding its first plant-based meal featuring vegan cheese. The new dish — Courgette and Muhammara Salad — has already been launched at Gail’s 107 locations nationwide. The salad combines courgette, lemon juice, oregano, peas, rocket, Kalamata olives, SUPERSTRACCIA, and Muhammara, a Middle Eastern dip made with pepper, walnuts, and cumin. “Our idea is simple, create products that are so good, they stand up in their own right. Working with such a loved foodie brand as Gail’s really supports this and signals the start of a new conversation when it comes to original products made with plants,” commented …