Macalat and MycoTechnology have partnered to create a sweet dark chocolate bar

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Sugar-Free Mycelium Chocolate Described as Most Significant Innovation in Chocolate in a Century

US confectionery brand Macalat has introduced a vegan, organic, zero-sugar, sweet dark chocolate bar —  Organic Sweet Dark Chocolate — claiming it to be the most significant innovation in chocolate in the past 100 years. To achieve this breakthrough, Macalat has partnered with the mushroom innovator MycoTechnology to create a dark chocolate experience using a mycelium-derived flavor modulator called ClearIQ.   Produced using fermentation, ClearIQ is said to be an “incredible” and natural solution to eliminate the need for sugar, milk, or artificial sweeteners and mask the bitterness and astringency of dark chocolate. In addition, as a flavor amplifier, it enhances the full spectrum of cacao flavors while delivering a smooth texture. According to MycoTechnology, ClearIQ’s capabilities extend beyond chocolate to other F&B products, positioning it as …


Not Co unsweetened vanilla

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NotCo Announces Launch of New Unsweetened Vanilla, Expands Availability of Barista Line

Foodtech leader NotCo has announced an expansion in the distribution of its latest products, NotMilk Unsweetened Vanilla and NotMilk Barista, at retailers in the United States. Starting in February 2024, NotMilk Unsweetened Vanilla will be available nationwide in Whole Foods Market stores. This product is an extension of NotCo’s NotMilk line and is designed with no added sugar, offering a creamy, vanilla-infused alternative to traditional milk. With health being a considerable driver in consumer behavior, NotCo’s sugar-free options aim to give customers more control over their sugar intake. NotMilk Barista, the coffee-optimized version of NotMilk, has seen increased expansion in its distribution across the US since its introduction last year. Beginning with a foodservice launch in August, this product is now available in major grocers, …


Rude Health no sugars

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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

Rude Health Launches Organic Oat & Almond Milks With No Sugars

Rude Health, a UK brand specialising in milk alternatives and cereals, has launched organic oat and almond milks containing no sugars. While many plant milks are made without added sugar, most contain naturally occurring sugars, which can sometimes give them a slightly sweet taste. However, Rude Health’s new oat milk has been produced using a method that extracts the creaminess and flavour from the grain while leaving the sugars behind. Only four ingredients are required, and the oats used are gluten-free. The organic almond milk is naturally sweet and contains just three ingredients — Italian almonds, spring water, and carob seed flour (which helps to keep the milk smooth and creamy). Both new products have been developed in response to the increasing demand for sugar-free …


BRAVE sugar-free breakfast cereal


Products & Launches

BRAVE Launches Sugar-Free Breakfast Cereal Made With Pulses

UK plant-based snack brand BRAVE has introduced a grain-free, sugar-free breakfast cereal made from peas and chickpeas. Called Super Hoops, the product is higher in protein and fibre and lower in carbohydrates than most conventional cereals. The cereal also complies with the UK’s HFSS (High in Fat, Sugar, and Salt) regulations, which are set to come into force this October and will restrict the marketing of foods deemed to be less healthy. Super Hoops will initially be available in Original and Cinnamon flavours. According to Brave, the new cereal is not just healthier but also more sustainable than conventional grain-based options, as pulses require less water to grow and have a regenerative effect on the soil. The brand’s existing products are all made from pulses, …


Lavva CEO & Founder, Elizabeth Fisher

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Lavva: “We Work Closely With Our Growers to Ensure Ongoing Sustainable Harvesting”

When the founders of Lavva had been looking for a plant-based yogurt which did not taste like an alternative to dairy, their search came back empty. So they decided to create their own; as an “alternative to the alternatives”, Lavva yogurt is formed from the nutritious pili nut which creates a texture as rich as any dairy product.