MycoTechnology unveils sweet protein that can replace sugar and artificial sweeteners

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MycoTechnology Discovers Sweet Protein in Fungi, Unlocking the Future of Sweeteners

US company MycoTechnology, a leader in mycelial fermentation and ingredient innovation, announces that it has discovered a sweet protein derived from honey truffles. MycoTechnology claims that this new protein can be used to make a clean-label sweetener that can replace sugar and artificial sweeteners in many applications. Honey truffles, a rare member of the fungi kingdom found mainly in Hungary, have been eaten and appreciated for their sweetness for centuries; however, the origin of their taste was previously unclear. Using its platform, MycoTechnology has found a way to unlock the truffle’s secret, successfully isolating the molecule responsible for its unusual taste. “Our honey truffle sweetener is derived from a protein, which brings an unprecedented level of excitement as proteins are widely recognized as the future …


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Industry Leaders Reveal Their 2023 Food Trend Predictions, Part 2

Following part one from yesterday, in this second part of our 2023 predictions series, leaders from JPG Resources, MyForest Foods, and ISH Foods share their thoughts on what 2023 will bring to the vegan sector.  Many in the food industry wonder what the future holds after a mixed year marked by food innovations and market uncertainty driven by inflation and supply chain disruptions.  F&B consultancy JPG Resources: Glenn Pappalardo, Managing Director  Allulose: According to Pappalardo, health and sustainability will continue to drive trends forward. JPG Resource‘s MD says that sugar substitutes will be in high demand. “Historically, other ingredients have done a decent job of giving people an alternative to sugar, but allulose appears to be the next evolution with fewer side effects.”   Vegan versions of …