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Sunfed Launches Bull Free Beef Raw Prime Diced Across New Zealand 

Sunfed – one of New Zealand’s leading plant-based brands – has launched its latest raw alt meat cut. The latest offering, Bull Free Beef Raw Prime Diced, will launch this week through Countdown, New Zealand’s largest supermarket chain.  Sunfed, founded by Shama Sukul Lee in 2015, offers a range of “meat-free meat” cuts, opting for raw plant-based ingredients rather than the processed products which dominate the market. As the foodtech brand has emerged as a major player in the antipodean vegan meat industry, vegconomist takes a look at its biggest moves so far. Chicken Free Chicken After raising $10 million in Series A capital, Sunfed expanded its popular Chicken Free Chicken across Australia. Taking over three years of product development – and a lot of …


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Vegan Meat was Most Popular Stand at MEATFEST as Sunfed Debuts Plant-Based Bacon and Beef to Groundbreaking Success

According to New Zealand brand Sunfed, which last weekend was the first ever plant based meat brand to feature at Meatstock, their stand was the most popular of the whole (entirely meat-based) event, and the most common question from the carniverous festival-goers was, “Where can I buy this?”