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Sunbloom’s Sunflower Proteins for Plant-Based Meat, Dairy, and Eggs to Expand into Nordic Market

Munich-based Sunbloom Proteins announces a strategic partnership with IMCD Group, a global distributor of chemicals and ingredients, to distribute its plant-based functional proteins derived from sunflower seeds in Europe’s Nordic region. Sunbloom Proteins manufactures its products, including a sunflower oil, in Hungary, utilizing sunflower seeds for human consumption. The company has developed a patented process to create 60% protein content sunflower-derived seed ingredients to serve as functional ingredients in food and beverage applications, including dairy and meat alternatives, bakery, confectionery, and wellness products. The versatility of sunflower seeds With a neutral taste and a bright color, the proteins are said to be versatile because they can complement or replace plant or animal proteins in food formulations. They are rich in dietary fibers and polyphenols, enhancing the nutrition of extruded …


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HERZA Schokolade: Sunflower Protein-Based Chocolate Pieces for Food Service

HERZA Schokolade, a specialist in small chocolate pieces for food service, has created various organic, vegan milk chocolate pieces based on sunflower protein, in flavours such as amaranth or salty caramel. HERZA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality functional chocolate pieces for the food service industry, and the European market leader in small chocolate pieces for mueslis. The German producer, part of the Stern Wywiol Group, specialises in specialist small chocolate pieces and provides creative variety for muesli, snacks, ice cream and baked goods. Says the company, the main challenge with vegan chocolate is to obtain the familiar creamy and milky flavour of milk chocolate, stating that it has precisely achieved this goal with the new products.   BIOFACH 2023 At the …


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Project Aims to Turn Sunflower Oil Industry Waste Into Meat Alternatives

A new research project called Taste2Meat is attempting to upcycle byproducts from the sunflower oil industry into sustainable meat alternatives. Five organisations — VTT, DSM, DIL German Institute of Food Technologies, University of Helsinki, and ABP Beef — have joined forces for the project. The intention is to create products that will allow consumers to make a “smooth transition” towards plant-based foods. Specifically, the project will work with sunflower press-cakes — an ingredient that is a sidestream of sunflower oil production. Globally, sunflower is the third-largest seed oil source, meaning these byproducts are widely available. Pea and rapeseed proteins are also being used as part of the project. Sunflower in plant-based products While sunflower oil has long been used in products such as dairy-free margarines, …


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Hydrosol’s New Cooperation With All Organic Treasures Creates New Possibilities for Meat Alternatives

Hydrosol, a specialist for stabilising and texturing systems, is now working with raw materials supplier All Organic Treasures (AOT) for exclusive texturates with structure similar to muscle tissue, utilising allergen- and GMO-free sources including upcycled proteins obtained as a by-product of sunflower oil manufacture.


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Just Wholefoods Gains New Listings Thanks to Holland & Barrett’s Innovation Pitch

Having recently rebranded and introduced new lines, Just Wholefoods made quite an impression on the judges at the recent Midcounties Co-operative ‘Food Glorious Food’ competition. Farmer and rural TV presenter Adam Henson and Celebrity Master Chef winner Phil Vickery were full of praise, not just for the new look but also the taste of the organic fruit jellies, organic falafels and chilli noncarne made with its organic Sunflower Mince. Thanks to its successful pitch, Just Wholefoods has secured a listing in 52 of Midcounties food stores in Gloucestershire.


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Sunflowers on Your Plate – Interview with Oliver Schenkmann

Soy, seitan, lupines, green spelt and the like have been on everyone’s lips for a long time as bases for meat alternatives – in the truest sense of the word. Until now, however, products based on sunflowers have been relatively unknown. Not only do they look good, but they also supply the raw material that the company “SunflowerFamily” transforms into meat alternatives. This has resulted in various products, all of which, according to the company, are ‘enjoyable, plant-based and sustainable’. We asked Mr Oliver Schenkmann – one of the founders of this new enterprise – to briefly introduce the products and the business model in more detail.