IFF to exhibit vegan softgels and more at Vitafoods Europe


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IFF to Exhibit Plant-Based Softgel Technology, Gummies, & More at Vitafoods Europe

IFF, a global corporation creating products for sectors such as food, beverages, health, and biosciences, is set to showcase some of its plant-based and cellulosic-derived pharmaceutical solutions at the nutraceutical trade show Vitafoods Europe. Designed for dietary supplements and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, the clean-label solutions meet manufacturers’ needs for plant-based formulations, purity, and consistent quality. The event marks the first time IFF will exhibit its full clean-label portfolio for oral dosage forms. The solutions include: Tablets and Capsules: High-performance cellulose-based ingredients, binders, and disintegrants such as Avicel®, Endurance®, METHOCEL™, and Ac-Di-Sol® enable the production of consumer-friendly formats for nutritional supplements and OTC products. Specific low nitrite grades are also available. Release Solutions: METHOCEL™ water-soluble cellulose ethers improve efficacy for immediate and controlled-release formulations. They can …


Algae-based omega-3 supplements

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Algae-Based Omega-3 Supplements May Have More Cardiovascular Benefits Than Fish Oil

A clinical trial has demonstrated that a type of algae-based omega-3 supplement (AlmegaPL, the functional ingredient in products made by US brand iwi life) may support cardiovascular health more effectively than traditional fish oils. The algae oil was found to decrease triglycerides by 14%, four times what would be expected from conventional omega-3 supplements. It also reduced remnant cholesterol by up to 25%, supporting theories that EPA-only omega-3s may perform better than those containing both EPA and DHA (two types of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids). There was no increase in LDL cholesterol in those taking AlmegaPL, whereas supplements containing both types of fatty acid have been shown to raise cholesterol levels. Unexpectedly, 12 weeks of supplementation also reduced hip circumference and body weight compared to …


PhytoLove plant-based omega-3

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PhytoLove Launches Complete Plant-Based Omega Supplement in Australia Made From Regeneratively Grown Seed

Australian company PhytoLove has launched a new type of plant-based omega supplement that aims to address the limitations of other products in the category. The most common type of omega-3 supplement is fish oil, which contributes to overfishing and can contain pollutants such as dioxins, PCBs, and heavy metals. Some consumers seeking a more ethical alternative have turned to plant-based products such as flax oil, which contains good levels of the short-chain fatty acid ALA but may not convert well to longer-chain fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. PhytoLove’s product, Ahiflower, is made from a wild plant that was discovered in the UK. Its main ingredient is Buglossoides arvensis seed oil, which is said to provide a complete lipid profile containing or efficiently forming …


Vollagen alternative to marine collagen

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World Ocean Day: Vollagen Develops Vegan Alternative to Marine Collagen Supplements

On World Ocean Day, UK brand Vollagen has highlighted its plant-based alternative to marine collagen supplements, made through a proprietary fermentation process using non-GMO corn. Vollagen contains the same 16 amino acids found in human collagen, at similar levels and in an easily absorbed format. Consumer tests have reportedly found comparable results to animal-based collagen supplements, with skin becoming firmer and smoother. Participants said they would be happy to buy and recommend the supplements, finding them effective and easy to swallow. While companies such as Aleph Farms and Avant have developed cultivated collagen made from animal cells, Vollagen provides an alternative that is entirely animal-free and vegan. Environmental impact Collagen is typically derived from the skin and bones of fish or cows. While it is …


Space Goods

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Functional Mushroom Brand Space Goods Turns Over £1.5M in Nine Months

Space Goods, a functional mushroom brand headquartered in London, UK, has reported a huge turnover just nine months after launching. The company introduced its first product, Rainbow Dust, in May 2022. Since then, Space Goods has achieved a £1.5 million turnover, with revenue projected to rise to £2.4 million by the brand’s one-year anniversary. By the end of 2023, turnover is expected to have tripled to £8 million. Space Goods has now shipped more than 30,000 orders to 70 countries, with its website receiving over 200,000 visitors per month. The company’s flagship product, Rainbow Dust, consists of three types of mushroom — lion’s mane, cordyceps, and chaga — blended with ashwagandha, maca root, rhodiola rosea, coffee extract, and vitamin B5. It is said to provide …


dr. vegan's vegan gut health supplements



Vegan Supplement Startup DR.VEGAN Announces Capital Injection & Turnover of £2M 

Ethical nutrition and vegan supplements startup DR.VEGAN has announced a £566K fundraising led by private investors for domestic and global expansion. DR.VEGAN, which claims to be one of the world’s fastest-growing ethical nutrition and supplement brands, additionally announced a turnover of £2 million in its second calendar year trading, with the exponential growth expected to continue. This recent capital injection will enable DR.VEGAN to invest in stock and marketing, and employ talent.  Made in the UK and led by science Headquartered in Winchester, UK; the company was founded in 2020 by Gordon Lott and a team of experts to develop supplements that support and transform human health and wellness without harming the planet. “We wanted to shake up the industry through a science-led, natural approach and over-deliver …


Desiree Mora Victualiv

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Latinx Military Veteran & Serial Entrepreneur Founds VictuaLiv, Reverses Her Borderline Anemia

VictuaLiv, translated as food and life, was founded by Latinx entrepreneurs Desiree Mora and Alexander Hovik, a former sponsored athlete who is also plant-based. Three-time entrepreneur Mora says that through creating VictuaLiV, a vegan supplement offering a formula of nine essential nutrients, she was able to reverse her borderline anemia and thrive on a plant-based diet.


pharmaceutical nutraceutical formulation compound

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Market & Trends

Plant-based Protein Market Players Eyeing Opportunities in Nutraceuticals

A recent study published by PMR projects that the global plant-based protein market is expected to reach ~ US$ 9.6 billion by the end of 2019, and is forecasted to reach US$ 17.3 billion by the end of 2029. The study points to the increasing popularity of plant-based proteins in the nutraceuticals for sports supplements to help athletes boost the stamina and enhance performance.



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Heather Mills Launches Vegan Omega 3 – Fishless Omega 3 Market to Reach US$1.3 Billion

Heather Mills’ plantbased company VBites has launched a vegan Omega 3 supplement, called V-mega 3. The global fish-free omega-3 ingredients market in 2019 is foreseen to turn over a revenue of worth US$ 590 million, according to a recent report by Transparency Market Research, and is estimated to reach almost US$ 1.3 billion by 2029.


crunch-instinct- Liberty Trade inc.

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New Socially Responsible and Environmentally Friendly Snack from Russia Enters the US Market

With its new Crunch Instinct product line, the Russian company Liberty Trade Inc. is now offering vegetable-based snacks with a low environmental footprint on the US market.The company is committed to healthy soils, minimizing water consumption, and reducing pollution on its farms. Crunch Instinct is particularly committed to meeting the snack needs of modern society without further driving climate change.



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Market Report: Vegan Energy Balls on Growth Course in the USA

“Find Market Research” is forecasting significant growth for the energy ball market. Energy balls are spherical, high-protein snacks with a high vitamin content. The nutritious balls are currently very popular in the USA, not least thanks to their vegan ingredients, which suggest performance-related and above all health benefits for the consumer. The growth trend of the performance-enhancing snacks correlates with an increasing demand for vegan foods, especially from the health-oriented Millennial generation. The vegan balls, made of nuts, grains and fruits, are ideal as a healthy vegan snack in between meals – not just for performance-oriented athletes, but also for anyone who wants to live a vegan lifestyle with all its health benefits.