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Oumph! Launches Award-Winning Pulled Oumph! in Australia After Huge Success Throughout Europe

LIVEKINDLY- owned plant meat brand Oumph!, originally from Sweden, today announced the launch of its Pulled Oumph! onto the Australian market following multiple successes throughout Europe. Oumph! is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa and Australia, as well as the UK where it reported a 400% increase in UK sales and the most recent addition of Germany. The soy-based products are designed for use in cooking and recipes, which the company says sets it apart from the many ‘ready meal’ style plant-based products currently available in Australian retail. LIVEKINDLY Collective Australia’s General Manager Shaun Richardson said, “We’re excited about what Oumph! will bring to the Australian market. We want to kill boring and see a huge opportunity to satisfy consumers …


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IKEA Sell 1M Vegan Hot Dogs in Europe

IKEA launched their vegan hot dogs, made from kale, lentils, carrot and potato, in European stores two months ago, and have already sold over a million. In 2015, the Swedish furniture store released their plant-based meatballs to great success, and now they are continuing with their focus on sustainability and offerings to the constantly increasing vegan population.


Oumph! vegane Pizza

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OUMPH! Swedish Vegan Frozen Pizza Now Available at Tesco

Following the success of its Italian-style plant-based frozen pizza in Scandinavian countries, OUMPH! is now launching its pizzas in the UK. The vegan organic pizzas with dried tomatoes, rocket, thyme, garlic and plant-based cheese are now available for £3.99 in 179 Tesco stores. OUMPH! is a brand by the Swedish company Food for Progress. It is known for its vegan meat products, which have also been on sale at Tesco for some time and for which it has won several awards. These include Pulled Oumph!, Kebab Spiced and The Chunk. The retail giant’s own vegan and gluten-free Margherita Pizza is already available from Tesco. Anna-Kajsa Lidell, co-founder and Head of Progress Strategy, said: “At Food for Progress, we believe in delicious and environmentally-friendly food. With …


Helge Weitz und Tobias Goj von Oatly

© Helge Weitz (li.) & Tobias Goj (re.) – General Manager Oatly DACH.


Oatly: “We See Ourselves as Pioneers of the Post Milk Generation”

The demand for plant-based milk alternatives has been growing rapidly in recent years. Oat drinks are particularly popular, which is particularly beneficial for the company Oatly. The Swedish manufacturer of milk alternatives uses oats, cocoa and fruit flavours to make its products. In an interview with Helge Weitz and Tobias, general managers of Oatly DACH – we asked about recent developments and future plans.