ADM and Brightseed to develop synbiotic products for microbiome optimization

© Image courtesy of ADM & Brightseed


ADM and Brightseed Partner to Develop Synbiotic Products for Gut Health

US ingredients leader ADM has announced a partnership with bioactives company Brightseed to develop evidence-based functional synbiotic products that target microbiome optimization. ADM, which has invested an undisclosed amount in the venture, aims to offer a range of clinically validated functional ingredients for foods and beverages, dietary supplements, and medical foods by 2025. Synbiotics are gut health solutions in the form of food and supplements, which combine probiotics (health-beneficial microbial strains) with prebiotics (non-digestible fibers and plant substrates that microbes use to grow), explains ADM. AI technology The collaboration involves using Brightseed’s AI technology, Forager, to decipher the molecular interactions between dietary plants and gut microbes and their precise impact on human health. Preliminary profiling has showcased the AI’s ability to discover bioactives in plants and …