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FDA’s Approval of Cultivated Meat: Industry Leaders Respond

Following this week’s groundbreaking news of UPSIDE Food receiving GRAS status for its cultivated chicken, marking the first time in the world that the FDA has given the green light to a cultivated meat product, industry leaders from the GFI, Stray Dog Capital, BioTech Foods, and Synthesis Capital here provide commentary on the significance of this historic development.   To recap: UPSIDE Foods has now successfully completed the FDA’s rigorous pre-market safety review for its cultivated chicken, demonstrating that it is as safe as conventional chicken. This historic milestone will pave the way for consumers to access these products in restaurants and retail across the country and ultimately across the world.   Seth Roberts, GFI The Good Food Institute Europe (GFI Europe) – the leading …


Synthesis Capital team

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Synthesis Capital Unveils Largest Ever FoodTech VC Fund: $300M For the Food System Unicorns of Tomorrow

Synthesis Capital, a global food technology and alternative protein investor with operations in the UK, US, and Guernsey, today announces Synthesis Capital Fund I (“Fund”) which it says represents the largest fund ever raised for the sector. Prior to founding Synthesis Capital, the team helped build CPT Capital, which made investments in 35 key players such as Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Perfect Day, Upside Foods, Geltor, BlueNalu, Aleph Farms, ENOUGH, Solar Foods, Formo, and Good Catch. $15M cheques for 15 food tech innovators With over $300m in assets under management, Synthesis states it now represents the largest fund ever raised for the sector. Synthesis Capital state that the capital will be used to expedite and support next-gen companies innovating in the food industry globally, and …