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GoodMills Innovation Sees Growing Interest in Plant-Based Texturates for Alt Meat

Germany’s GoodMills Innovation has reported increasing interest in its VITATEX® range of plant-based texturates, which are used to improve the sensory qualities of meat and fish alternatives. At Food Ingredients Europe, which took place in Frankfurt from November 28-30, VITATEX products attracted a wide audience from a variety of sectors. According to GoodMills Innovation, this highlights the industry trend towards meat and fish alternatives, as well as continued consumer demand for these products. The VITATEX range was first launched in 2021. At the time, GoodMills Innovation said it had been working with wheat-based texturates for a decade, but had taken the products to a new level through extrusion technology and the addition of soy and peas. At Fi Europe, there was also interest in the …


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DSM: “Hybrids of Animal and Cell-Based or Plant-Based and Cell-Based Protein Will Start to Appear”

Gilbert Verschelling, Director of Business Development & Innovation says that DSM is keeping an eye on the growing developments in cell-based protein, predicting that hybrid products will play a part in future protein solutions. What products did DSM launch for the plant-based market in 2021? The plant-based market has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, both in consumer demand and new product launches. In 2021, over 4,500 new plant-based meat and dairy alternative products were introduced globally.[1] Consumers are spoiled for choice. Producers, however, are faced with the ever-increasing challenge of differentiating their offerings, ensuring a great taste and texture, enhancing nutritional profiles and navigating fragmented regulatory landscapes. Additionally, they must bring their products to market quickly and are therefore continually looking to shorten and simplify …


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GoodMills Innovation Raises the Sensory Qualities of Alt Meat & Fish to a “New Level” With VITATEX Texturates

Germany’s GoodMills Innovation, part of the GoodMills Group, Europe’s leading milling corporation, introduces VITATEX texturates based on wheat, soy and peas, for fish and meat substitute products. The company states that the texturates are perfect for alt seafood products such as plant-based tuna, fish fingers, pan- or deep-fried fish, and are optimally suited for the frozen food sector. “Whether it’s fish & chips, fish fingers or fishcakes, all of these specialities can be readily converted into vegan form with VITATEX®”, says the Hamburg based firm. As well as the applications in seafood alternatives, the texturates can be applied to alt meat products such as vegan patties, meatballs, Bolognese sauce, chicken nuggets, Vienna sausages, or schnitzels. After working with wheat texturates for around a decade, GoodMills …