Reebok and Milk Makeup create a new vegan trainer collection

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Reebok & Milk Makeup Launch 100% Cruelty-Free Footwear Collection

In a rare collaboration between brands from different industries, athletic wear company Reebok and vegan cosmetics brand Milk Makeup have partnered to launch a new cruelty-free footwear collection made with 100% vegan materials and zero animal byproducts. The designs in the new collection, dubbed Equipment Essentials, feature deconstructed elements, geometric patterns, vibrant accents, and logos. They are inspired by the equipment room at Milk Studios (Milk Makeup’s New York-based parent company), where “functional workwear is a must”.  The collection includes revamped versions of five classic Reebok sneaker designs: The Classic Vegan; Club C 85 Vegan; Classic Make It Yours Vegan; Club C Geo Mid Vegan; and BB 4000 II Vegan. Clean conscience Aside from footwear, the companies have also created a line of apparel which …