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Million Dollar Vegan’s Offer to Trump: Go Vegan for January & Veterans Will Receive $1M

Million Dollar Vegan, a nonprofit organization, has publicly asked President Trump to help “Make America Healthy Again” by going vegan for one month via a New York Times Ad. Following the campaign in February to make the Pope go vegan for lent, this campaign asks Trump to go vegan for Veganuary with the aim of inspiring people across America and beyond to rethink their food choices and improve their health.


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Memphis Meat and NAMI Ask Trump to Regulate Labelling of Laboratory Meat

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and cell-based meat developer Memphis Meats have jointly written a letter to President Trump asking for help in clarifying the regulatory framework for cell-based meat and poultry products. They are calling on the Trump administration to regulate the US protein industry. “Cell-based meat products are meat produced from animal cells in cell cultures. They are an “and”, not an “or” solution, and the latest in a long history of innovation in American agriculture,” the letter says. “In recognition of the common desire to support innovation and feed the world, we will in future use the term “cell-based meat and poultry” to describe products that are the result of animal cell culture.” Uma Valeti, CEO of the Memphis Meats start-up, …