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Clextral’s innovative developments in producing affordable and tasty alternative proteins

The world’s population is increasing. The living standards are rising in many countries. To satisfy the expanding demand for meat and fish consumption, industrial livestock and aquaculture production has multiplied. However, aware of the societal, ethical and environmental effects of an animal-based diet, more and more consumers are willing to reduce their meat and fish consumption by introducing healthy non-animal protein sources into their diets. Mankind being omnivorous, we can anticipate that the global population will still, on average, include meat and fish in its diet. However, some of this consumption of meat and fish products could be replaced by another type of high protein food: plant-based meat and fish substitutes. One of the major challenges of the 21st century will be feeding the growing …


Harvest B launches at HealthyLive

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Harvest B Launches Meat Alternatives at Woolworths-Owned Online Retailer HealthyLife

Australian alt protein producer Harvest B has expanded beyond B2B sales with a launch at Woolworths-owned online retailer HealthyLife consumers can now purchase 330g packs of Harvest B’s shelf-stable plant-based proteins, with six products available; these include lamb, chicken, beef, and pork-style proteins, in diced and shredded varieties. Harvest B’s products are made in Australia from wheat grown in New South Wales. They are clean-label and high in protein and fibre, with no methylcellulose or artificial additives. Each pack produces up to a kilogram of plant-based protein when rehydrated with the supplied sachet of brine and natural spices. This is not the first time Harvest B has worked with Woolworths — the retailer’s investment arm led a $3.5 million seed funding round in Harvest …


Harvest b co-founders Alfred Lo and Kristi Riordan holding a bag of plant-based proteins

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Company News

Harvest B Partners with Butcher Supplier Dunninghams to Bring Plant-Based Whole Cuts to New Zealand

Australian food manufacturer Harvest B has signed an agreement with Dunninghams, a butcher supplier in New Zealand since 1921, to distribute its high-quality plant-based whole cuts. This agreement marks Harvest B’s first distribution deal and first export. Co-founders Kristi Riordan and Alfred Lo started Harvest B in 2020 to supply the food industry with the next generation of plant-based meat and hybrid products. The company, which has an R&D center in Sydney, has developed a range of plant-based whole cuts using proprietary plant protein formulations and extrusion technologies. “Over our 100 year history, Dunninghams has always sought to lead the market by offering high-quality, innovative ingredients and food products to New Zealand. We believe that Harvest B’s products will deliver a healthy, affordable and great tasting …


Crespel & Deiters Group opens US subsidiary

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Crespel & Deiters Group Brings 160 Years of Wheat-Based Ingredient Expertise to US Manufacturers

The Crespel & Deiters Group, a leading producer of wheat-based solutions in Germany, announces its expansion into the US market with a newly founded subsidiary in Chicago, Illinois: Crespel & Deiters Food USA LP.  The Crespel & Deiters Group has been working with wheat processing for more than 160 years. Its unique value chain involves producing premium-quality wheat solutions for food and other applications using state-of-the-art technologies, sustainable processes (locally sourced ingredients and manufacturing), and innovative strength.  Wheat as raw material Using wheat as the main raw material, the Group develops and manufactures products ranging from “texturates” (TVP) to animal feed to corrugation paper or highly specialized functional applications, each category managed by a different brand.  Loryma, the Group’s brand producing wheat-based food ingredients, has developed a …


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Japan’s Daiz to Expand its “Miracle Meat” Internationally Through Roquette Deal

Plant protein leader Roquette announces an investment and business partnership with the Japanese plant-based meat ingredients company Daiz, referred to as the Impossible Foods of Japan. Through the business alliance, the companies will produce the pea-based Miracle Meat  — a texturized vegetable protein originally developed using soy — as part of Roquette’s pea protein portfolio development and Daiz’s market expansion goals. Pierre Courduroux, CEO of Roquette, said: “Our objective is to be the best partner for our customers as they develop delicious products that will encourage more consumers to enjoy plant-based food more often. This investment in Daiz reflects our commitment to developing plant-based ingredients to meet those expectations.” The Impossible Foods of Japan Daiz’s proprietary technology, Ochiai Germination Method, uses plant seed germination and extrusion process …