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Image courtesy of ProVeg International

Sustainability / Environment

Alt Proteins Could Save 80% Water, Land, and Carbon Emissions, Says New Report

A new study from the University of Helsinki has highlighted the role cultivated meat and dairy, edible algae, mushrooms, and other alt proteins can play on the environment. With potential water, land, and carbon emissions savings of more than 80% when compared to typical European diets, the study underscores the importance of the alt protein movement for climate change. With global food systems facing multiple supply and sustainability challenges, exacerbated by climate change and a growing population, the report estimates the possible reductions in global warming potential, water use, and land use by replacing conventional animal-based foods with alt protein foods, including plant-based and the emerging cellular agriculture field.  With the findings published in the science journal Nature Food, the conclusion was drawn that by …


Image: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Egg Alternatives

Scientists in Finland Develop Fungi-Based Egg White

Researchers in Finland have developed what could be the first fungi-based egg white. Using precision fermentation to produce the fungi-based egg has the potential to reduce land-use requirements by almost 90% and greenhouse gases by up to 55% when compared to chickens.  As egg white is one of the most important protein ingredients for the food industry, scientists at the Future Sustainable Food Systems research group at the University of Helsinki, together with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, have shown that fungus-produced ovalbumin could have the potential to mitigate a large part of the environmental burden associated with chicken egg white powder. Using the fungus Trichoderma reesei, the food tech scientists have produced ovalbumin – egg white protein – in powder form suitable for …