Biomaterials company Bolt Threads has announced plans to become a public company listed on the Nasdaq through a SPAC agreement.

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Bolt Threads: “Working to Design More Sustainable Versions of the Materials People Already Know and Love”

Bolt Threads shot to fame in the fashion world with its innovative alt leather product Mylo, the “unleather” gloriously made from mycelium fungal structures, and recently received a prestigious vegan certification. “We at Bolt Threads are proud to be leading the movement to create these necessary alternatives to traditional materials using advanced science and bio-based solutions.” Following a recently formed consortium of iconic companies including Adidas, Kering, Lululemon, and Stella McCartney, Mylo mushroom unleather continues to hit the shelves and catwalks globally with many more to be announced soon. As Bolt Threads looks to expand and scale the reach of Mylo, the company has announced a new collaboration with fashion house Ganni to create Mylo-based products as part of a 2022 collection, with Ganni committing …


Bolt Threads Mylo

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Bolt Threads’ Mushroom “UnLeather” Mylo Awarded Prestigious Vegan Certification

Eurofins | Chem-MAP announces that Bolt Threads‘ innovative plant-based material Mylo Unleather has been verified as a vegan material following the successful completion of the Eurofins Vegan Verification Programme, which involves the analysis of all inputs for the presence of animal DNA. Mylo is one of the first vegan new materials to receive this verification. “A planet of 10 billion people cannot live like a planet of 1 billion people and in our resource-constrained world, now is the time for meaningful innovation” Mylo looks and feels like animal leather and as such is currently used by world-leading brands such as adidas, Stella McCartney, lululemon and Kering. Created from mycelium – the underground root structure of fungi – the material is certified bio-based and is developed …