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Op Ed: Jack Truman, Vegan Democratic Candidate, Missouri USA

In this, the first instalment of our brand new Opinion section which will feature the views and insights of leaders and figures from across plant-based and cell-based industries; Jack Truman, Democratic Candidate, Missouri 4th Congressional District, shares his thoughts about the changes which need to be made in society. An animal rights activist and vegan for 22 years, Truman is a self-described liberal conservative who intends to bring positive change to Missouri’s 4th district, which he notes is located in the heart of cattle country. The Times Need to Change, by Jack Truman It’s time for a change. Change is good. People should embrace change. This country is definitely changing. But from what I’ve seen, especially over these last few years, people are only willing to …


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Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams & Heather Mills Join “Plant-Powered Kamala” Campaign

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, youth activist and Million Dollar Vegan advocate Genesis Butler, and vegan entrepreneur Heather Mills are part of a group supporting the JIVINITI campaign, asking the Biden-Harris administration to push for plant-based solutions to a range of pressing issues including Covid-19 pandemic, food insecurity, chronic illness, and climate change.


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Kamala Harris Advocates Meat Reduction Measures – US Presidential Election as Possible Key Factor for Plant-Based Economy

Kamala Harris, the first female vice president in US history, is well-known for her contribution to animal welfare and has already advocated national measures aimed at the reduction of America’s meat consumption. Accordingly, this year’s presidential election has the potential to turn out as a key factor for the plant-based economy.