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DUG’s Potato Milk Launches at Waitrose as Sales Rise by Almost 50%

DUG’s potato milk has launched at 280 Waitrose stores in the UK. It comes just a month after the Swedish brand, owned by Veg of Lund, became available via online supermarket Ocado. Additionally, the potato milks have now rolled out into the convenience and wholesale sector through an agreement with Bestway. DUG is made from a blend of potatoes, rapeseed oil, water, vitamins, and additives such as chicory fibre and pea protein. The potato milk is said to foam perfectly, and to have a neutral taste that makes it ideal as a replacement for cows’ milk. In Waitrose’s 2021-22 Food & Drink report, the supermarket described potato milk as a trend to watch due to its low sugar and saturated fat content. The chain said …




Oat Scientists Wanted! Oatly to Build New Research and Innovation Centre to Explore the Power of Oats

Oatly, the world’s largest oat drink company, has announced plans to open a new research and innovation centre at Lund University in Sweden. With the goal of further exploring the potential of oats, the centre will develop new oat-based innovations to meet the needs of consumers. Oatly expects to add around 30 new scientists to its global team based in Lund over the coming year. The alt dairy giant has also announced the potential to onboard up to 100 new researchers across its research hubs in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The company is experiencing impressive growth as demand for alt dairy products explodes globally. Making use of the unique skills and technology of Lund University’s academic environment, the Oatly scientists will study oats in …


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Nordic Meat Giant Invests KR 4Million For Smoothie Company to Develop Chicken From Potatoes

Scandi Standard, the leading producer of chicken products in the Nordic region and Ireland, just announced a partnership with the Swedish food development company Veg of Lund, which is best- known for its smoothies. Together they want to develop an innovative chicken alternative based on locally produced potatoes.