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Earthling Ed Joins abillion as Strategic Advisor

Vikas Garg, founder and CEO of the sustainable e-commerce platform abillion, has announced on social channels that much-loved UK vegan activist and public speaker Ed Winters will join the company as strategic advisor. Ed Winters, AKA Earthling Ed, has an incredible presence with his viral YouTube videos, documentaries, seminars, and Ted Talks. He is also a partner in Unity Diner, London’s 100% vegan diner & cocktail bar. Earlier this year, Earthling Ed launched a brand ethical clothing brand and launched vegan fish & chips shop chain No Catch. Ed is also teaching an animal ethics course on animal farming at Harvard University.# A global movement for social change Vikas Garg founded abillion in 2017 with the aim of helping a billion people to join the plant-based movement by …


No Catch Co founders Ed & Kevin

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Gastronomy & Food Service

Vegan Activist Earthling Ed Opens Vegan Fish & Chip Shop Chain, Aims to Disrupt UK’s Fish & Chip Shop Industry

Much-loved UK activist and public speaker Ed Winters, AKA Earthling Ed, has announced on his social channels that he and his business partner Kevyn Bourke are opening a chain of vegan fish & chip shops around the UK, called The No Catch Co, with the first opening in Brighton this Saturday 9th October. “Our mission is to take on the fish and chip shop industry. Because it’s time to stop emptying the oceans – and it’s time to stop killing fish,” states The No Catch Co. Echoing the creation story of VFC, the concept began due to the huge popularity of the tofish dish at his restaurant Unity Diner, which became so successful it led to the founders taking a food truck on the road …


Heura billboard in Madrid Photo Credit Heura Foods

Heura billboard in Madrid Photo Credit Heura Foods

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Vegan Advertising 101 With Spanish Food Activists Heura

Spanish plant meat pioneer, Heura, continues to advertise in an interesting and educational way, rather than just trying to convince the public of how tasty their products are, as is often the case with traditional advertising. Heura is disseminating information about the benefits to the environment if consumers replace traditional meat with plant-based meat. The ads, which can be seen across Spain and on social media, include messages showing facts, figures and facts about the benefits of switching to a plant-based diet. Last year, the company put up a huge billboard in the centre of Madrid with the message: “A meat burger pollutes more than your car.” Although, unsurprisingly, the controversy forced the company to withdraw the advert in December, Heura seems unafraid of the …