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Half of UK Consumers Still Don’t Grasp Meaning of Vegan

A recent study reveals over half of UK consumers want to see more vegan options on menus but are more likely to order if it is labelled ‘plant-based’ instead of ‘vegan’ – a term which appears to be misunderstood even in 2022 according to the findings. The study revealed that only 50% of consumers fully understood what the term vegan means, with 9% of people believing that vegan food refers to ingredients only green in colour.  Conducted by plant-based producer Meatless Farm and Brakes – one of the UK’s leading wholesalers – the findings reveal that 39% of Brits want restaurants to offer more vegan food, but are dissuaded by the menu description ‘vegan’. 52% claimed the term ‘plant-based’ was more attractive to them when …


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Gastronomy & Food Service

49% of Chefs Cooking More Plant-Based Dishes as Part of “Wellbeing Revolution”

A new study by Upfield Professional on emerging trends within the restaurant industry, finds that chefs have become more aware of ingredients and their impact since COVID. “As chefs, we are no longer simply serving up a plate of culinary entertainment, but we are also responsible for delivering a little slice of our future well-being.”