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Survey Uncovers Satisfaction Gap Between Vegetarians and Vegans in Plant-Based Foods

Recent research commissioned by Ingredient Communications and conducted by SurveyGoo has uncovered a significant decline in satisfaction among vegetarians regarding available food products. The survey, conducted online with 1,000 participants from the USA and UK, reveals a drop in net satisfaction rates for vegetarians, in contrast to a rising satisfaction among vegans. In 2018, the net satisfaction rate among vegetarians stood at +47%. However, this figure has now dropped to just +8%. The US market shows an even more prominent decline, with vegetarian satisfaction dropping from +38% to -10%, a negative swing of 48%. The UK market follows a similar trend, witnessing a 35% negative swing from +55% to +20%. Richard Clarke, managing director of Ingredient Communications, notes, “High levels of dissatisfaction and declining net …