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Market & Trends

NGO Vegetarianos Hoy to Identify Plant-Based Consumption Habits in LATAM

The NGO Vegetarianos Hoy launched its Latin American Consumer Survey this week to obtain insights into consumer preferences for plant-based foods and products. The study targets five countries: Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. As veganism is rising in Latin America, the study will focus on consumption habits and identifying consumer motives for migrating to a plant-based diet. It will collect relevant data to develop future awareness campaigns on the benefits of changing to more sustainable eating habits, explains the NGO. Vegetarianos Hoy has been active in the region since 2017, promoting animal welfare and more ethical, healthy, and sustainable eating habits. Its work includes cage-free campaigns, Meatless Mondays, V-Label certifications, corporate and food service outreach, and ‘veggie challenges’. Vegetarianos Hoy represented Latin America at the …


Veggie Challenge

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Charity & Campaigns

Channelling the Plant-Based Challenge: Veganuary, Veggie Challenge and More

In recent years, plant-based campaigns such as Veganuary, Meat Free Mondays, and ProVeg’s Veggie Challenge have proved to be one of the most effective ways to attract flexitarian consumers to plant-based eating. For companies that are looking to target the increasing number of consumers eating plant-based products, engaging with these campaigns and challenges is a surefire way to boost sales and enhance a brand’s reputation. To help businesses get the most out of participating in these campaigns, ProVeg International has published an article with five key strategies: Partner with a non-profit organisation Plan your marketing strategy ahead of time Highlight key metrics wherever possible Don’t be afraid to think outside the box Take part in the challenge yourself! ProVeg’s second strategy focuses on the importance …